Through The Looking Glass

I have always loved the writings of Lewis Carroll. His “Alice in Wonderland” series was one of my favorites as a child and I was especially fond of the book, “Through the Looking Glass”. I imagine it was because at some time or another, we all speculate what life must be like on the “other side”, whether it be the looking glass, the fence, the computer, or this life.

Recently, I have had a look at what life on the other side of “healthy” and “young” is like and aging gracefully is something that I’m starting to believe only happens in Hollywood movies. Maybe it’s true that life begins at fifty, but everything else seems to wear out, fall out or spread out. Taking care of aging parents is demanding, draining and if you’re not careful, it can be downright depressing. I have always known the day would come when I would be responsible for taking care of my parents, but as with everything else in life, the day has come before I feel ready. Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that happen to man, I suppose.

This journey I am on with my 76 year-old mother and my soon-to-be 89 year-old stepdad is not exactly “Hazel and Fred’s Excellent Adventure”. I am having to broach the HARD topics…like wills, nursing homes and Depends undergarments. Thankfully, no one is biting my head off, but it’s probably because they know I could hide their teeth. We’re all muddling along as best as we can through this process…and it is a process like no other.

I’m doing well if I can get my stepdad to eat anything besides ice cream and if I can get my mom to eat anything besides Dollar General brand vanilla sugar wafers. What I want to know is why weren’t these things on the menu when I was a kid? I was always being told to eat my vegetables. My mom was so concerned about “roughage” and making sure I got enough of it so my “plumbing” would work properly. Now life has come full circle and it is me who is bribing her with cookies just so she will drink her daily glass of Metamucil. I want to make sure her “plumbing” doesn’t require any additional assistance from me.

My stepdad, who bathes only when forced to, thinks it’s a blast to walk around the house buck naked in the mornings. There’s nothing else I can say about that.

Apparently, their investments in health insurance are starting to pay off. They have had more dates with their physicians than my husband and I had before we got married. Every week, we are off to see another wizard. Someone who runs tests, orders labs, and asks questions only to come up with the same answer, “You’re old. This is what happens when people get old.”

Some days I wish I could put the looking glass down and just listen to Jabberwocky.

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(originally posted 4/29/08)

Creation Minute

Have you heard about Creation Science Evangelism’s new website called “Creation Minute”?

Creation Minute is an exciting series hosted by Eric Hovind that explores the creation worldview using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology. Each episode challenges the evolution theory and gives evidence of the Bible’s historical and scientific accuracy.

It’s not just a website for homeschoolers, although if you DO homeschool, I highly recommend this as a resource.

Click on over and check it out…it will help me, because I’m trying to win an iPod touch for my husband and they are running a contest! 🙂 Thanks bunches!

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Important Things

Today I am taking my 78 year old mother to the hospital for emergency surgery. Why are we not there yet you ask? Because she insists on putting some things in order first. She worries about my stepdad, who at 90, is unable to care for himself and has alzheimers. He must recieve insulin shots twice a day and be fed, so she’s concerned about him (even though my husband and I have volunteered to stay with him around the clock). She has two bills lying on her table that she wants to pay “just in case”.

Please pray for her today if you will…her arteries are blocked and she’s going to have stints put in place to help with blood flow…I don’t want there to be a “just in case”…but if there is, I know that she will be in a much more beautiful place.

While you’re at it, pray for me…this 40 year old isn’t quite ready to let her mama go yet.

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Sick of being sick

Sickness has invaded our household…and it’s landed on me. Out of five people in my family, I am the one who has gotten sick. Body aches, fevers, lovely things coming out of both ends…sick. The good news is that everyone in my family feels so badly for me that they are willing to do almost anything for me.

No matter how much attention I receive from my family, I’d much rather feel like a normal human being again, without rolling stomach and bowels, ya know? (sorry if that was TMI) I guess I’m just sick of being sick. Going to lay back down now and see if I can beat this nasty illness back to where it came from.

Hope your weekend was much better than mine.

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Signs of the Times

You know it’s a sign that you’ve quit blogging altogether when you don’t even post photos from your staycation a month ago…

Or when you forget to even drop in and say “Happy Resurrection Day”…or take ONE photo of the cuteness that was your kids all dressed up for Easter services to show off on the old blog.

Or maybe it’s a sign that you’ve just got way too many things on your plate and don’t have a clue how to keep all your plates spinning and the blog is the first thing to go?

Regardless, I shall return with a vengeance once things settle down a bit – if that ever happens.

Hope you’re doing well, mom…since you’re probably the only one still reading this!

Photos of K’s haircut coming this week! (I’ve got you on the edge of your seat now, don’t I?)

Gratuitous shots of my cat taking over my desk while I’m slaving away on websites:

Is he not just a beaut? Sigh…if he were a man, he’d be a prince.

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A Woman Inspired Event

Look what I won on Lisa B’s blog! Tickets to the online conference “A Woman Inspired Event”! I’m so excited. 🙂 Here’s a little preview of what is in store for me next week.

If you’re interested, the tickets were on sale through April 1st for only $12.95 for the whole four days. I checked today and the cost is STILL only $12.95 through paypal…but it could be going up soon.

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