And a Wonderful Day was Had by All


I am not a fan of Easter Egg Hunts. I feel they detract from the true meaning of Easter and the Passover. Our church hosts a HUGE annual egg hunt for many of the local children as an outreach. We bus kids in and “gospelise” them before the egg hunt – and yesterday was no exception. From Sunday School to Jr. Church, those kids got a good dose of the Gospel and the Truth regarding Easter and the Passover was clearly explained.

My youngest daughter in the photo above is too young for Jr. church (she is Nursery age) but has been allowed to attend the Little Jr. Church since she’s potty trained. I got to listen in yesterday for a bit and was SO thankful to hear them explaining even to the littlest ones what Easter and the Passover really is about.

But when the time came for the Egg Hunt, my daughter, who is ever so inquisitive, just stood there in wonder while all the other kids ran around her scooping up eggs. She surveyed the chaos around her with a troubled face and turned to me as if to ask, “what is going ON with all these kids?” When I told her to “Find the eggs!” she immediately understood and set about grabbing up every egg she could find.

I wonder if that’s how we appear to our Heavenly Father when unexpected blessings flow. Do we just stand there in amazement watching our cup run over? Or do we sieze the moment and get all the eggs we can?

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One Pair down…Five to Go..

Well, here they are…the bane of my existence right now. Those (cursed) culottes…
I’ve got them all cut out, but only one pair completed. No must see tv for me tonight. Do they even still have must see tv?

I’d much rather be HERE.

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My first layout in FOUR years!!!!

I finally got up the nerve to do one and now I’m hooked! I said I wasn’t going to be picking up any more hobbies…with 3 kids and a business to run, I’m just too busy…but I can’t help myself! (well, okay…technically, I CAN help myself, I just don’t want to!)

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Why the Crafter in Me is in Agony

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.

I was HAPPY! when I received this:

I was sad when I remembered I have to sew 6 pr of these first:

Sometimes I let my mouth overload my buttocks….or my ability to complete those tasks which exceeds my capacity to stay entertained. These culottes are for a friend who once entered her girls into a beauty pageant with dresses she had “hand sewn” – (ie – she used fabric glue for every seam)…luckily the dresses did not come apart whilst the girls were onstage. These girls are much older now and I don’t want them running around playing volleyball with glued-up seams…there’s just something not quite right about that. So I volunteered to make them a pair…mom decided they needed 3 each and bought fabric for said amount of pairs. I can’t very well just make one pair and then allow her to (gasp!) glue the others…so here I am.

Personally, I think this is one of the ugliest patterns I have ever seen for culottes…but I’m loving the whole idea of the skirt over the shorts thing for camp this year. I’ll have to make Katie’s with a little more pizazz. I made some last year for her and they were the envy of all the girls at camp. I laugh because they were so easy to make…but this pattern (excuse me for being crude) sucks eggs. I dislike going by patterns…all the marking and following directions…sigh.

Which is EXACTLY why I can’t wait to start scrapping again.

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Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Proof positive she’s getting her daily dose of A and C.

~~This blog entry brought to you by a woman who’s about to take a really big exam and therefore doesn’t have time to blog today.~~

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