The Three Faces of AJ

Tomorrow you will be FIVE! YEARS! OLD! You are one extremely talented and diverse kid. You are an artist whose drawings will forever hang in the annals of mama’s scrapbook pages, you are a superhero who knows exactly when mom needs a “power hug”, you are a big brother and a little brother at the same time, trying to find the balance between asserting your manly strength and controlling your temper. I am blessed beyond measure to know you. Thank you for making my life a whole lot brighter than it ever could be without you in it!

Happy Birthday, AJ! Mama loves you!

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Hair and Makeup

See those funny boxes up above, Blogger people? That’s what I’m trying to tell you!!! They. Aren’t. Supposed. To. Be. There.

But I digress…

Had some fun playing on the Ladies Home Journal site tonight. I won’t show you my photo because it’s simply…well, frightening is one word that comes to mind. But I uploaded Katie’s photo in to play around with hairstyles (she’s wanting a new ‘do). Frankly, the only one that looked good on her face was Cameron Diaz’s…and she’s not going to be dyeing (is that even spelled right? dying? (no) dye-ing? (hmmm) – I’m too lazy to look it up, internets, sorry!) her hair anytime soon.


So tell us what you think…just for fun, we added makeup which I personally think is hideous…I much prefer her to look like the girl of 10 that she is, but she thought this was a very “sophisticated” look for her.

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