The New ‘Do — with a photo…or two

First of all, let me just tell you all how much I HATE having my photo taken, so I resisted until the last minute. And, since I resisted until the last minute, my hair had already had about 11 hours to lose its new shape and go sort of…well, flat. Plus, it’s kind of hard to photograph your own hair, so tomorrow — I’ll try again after shower and makeup and get K to do it for me. But, since I told you I’d post it “later today”…I’ve gotta do it. Part of that integrity issue.

Please be so kind as to only look at my hair and not the mole on my face that has grown to the size of a small town and will soon be requiring its own zip code. Nor should you look at my dry, cracked lips or my second and third chin. I’m telling you because I know you’re going to look at those things anyway and I just wanted you to know that I know. ‘Cause I’m vain like that. That’s why I couldn’t muster a smile.

The side:

The back:

Of course, if you look at my profile photo, you’re probably thinking, “That’s the same haircut!” I assure you, it’s not. My hair is much longer in that photo – no real layers to speak of, and I hated it (while my husband loved it). Now my hair has layers and is just at my nape — which I totally love. What do ya think? Honestly?


A baby without the labor

Just when I thought I was through with teething and potty training…

What’s that? Did I disturb your nap?

Hm…what are these? Chew toys?



What? We’re done already?

Fine. I don’t really care anyway…


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