This almost makes those blisters worthwhile…

I’ve never been much of a “green thumb” kind of girl…but my mama has always had one. I’m best at growing cactus…and weeds. See the theme? Neither requires much from me. If I’m to grow flowers, it takes a higher authority – someone who has a green thumb and isn’t afraid to use it.

But with my mom’s help, I’m learning. Here are the results of three years of efforts to get something to grow:

The question is…who’s going to keep it up when my mom isn’t here to tell me what to do anymore?

***Answers to your bloggiversary questions from yesterday will be posted later today! So check back – because right now? I’m tarred. That’s Texan for exhausted.


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She’s got beauty AND brains…

My husband had this photo pulled up on his laptop tonight as inspiration for the body he is building.

He had just stepped away from his computer when our youngest daughter walked up, pointed at the screen and asked,

“Who’s that naked guy?”

I told her it was Reg Park, who was a drug-free bodybuilder and a movie star. To which she replied longingly,

“Well, I love him.”


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A Melting Pot of Bloggy Goodness

I feel the need to wrap up some loose ends, with today being the last day of the week and all. (I like to start my new weeks out fresh, you know.) I had trouble coming up with a title for this post, because it’s not just about one thing. Then I remembered when I lived in Alaska, we called it “a melting pot” because of the diverse cultures represented. This post is all about a variety of culture here. ahem.

We’ll start with the business trip we took last week. As we were getting ready to leave, we discovered a stowaway: (A note to our youngest: if you’re going to stow away, don’t do it in the driver’s seat of the van.)

It was a long ride (and would have been so much better in this) but we made it in plenty of time to check into our hotel and refresh ourselves before our first meeting. The grand ballroom was filled to capacity and we had to sit in the very back, not because we were late, but because we were required to wait on two of our business associates so we could all sit together. Anyone who knows me knows that I have issues with people who are perpetually late, and that day was no exception. Twenty minutes after we were supposed to meet, he came strolling down the corridor as if no one in the world mattered but him and his wife. Sigh. I got over it quickly, however…because let’s face it, I had a choice. I could choose to either: a.) let it fester up and seethe inside of me, thereby ruining my chances of hearing the fantastic speakers that were lined up; or b.) let it go and get all I could out of the meetings. I chose the latter. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that we are all, as humans, fallible. I’m certainly no exception to that rule.

The next order of business I have to tend to is the matter of the bath. I was so anticipating a nice, long soak in a jacuzzi tub the entire ride down. I brought candles and bubblebath — oh yes, it was going to be an event. Then I stepped into our teeny, tiny bathroom and this is what met my eyes:Double whammy.

We did have a nice room and a beautiful view of the river, although you can’t really tell from this photo.All you can really see is my husband’s head bowing in silent prayer because I haven’t seen the bathroom yet and he knows that I’m going in there next and he hopes it doesn’t ruin his chances of “one night without the kids“, if you know what I mean.

K’s team is still undefeated in basketball. Her skills are improving quite nicely. We are taking her up to the Church a couple of times a week to shoot baskets and work on her offense/defense skills. She has a game today at 1pm and I’m taking my el cheapo camera, so if I get any good shots, (totally punintended, I assure you) I’ll post them for you.

One more thing…Monday is the start of something really huge that I’m really excited about. It is the start of Shannon’s (aka Rocks in My Dryer, aka Bloggy Giveaways) bloggy giveaway carnival!I just so happen to have something for it this time that I am excited about giving and I hope you’ll be just as excited to win!

(And it just so happens to be my busiest day of the month, because we are having a grand opening of our office that day and I will not be around much due to the fact that I’ve got to chop, peel, cut and arrange fruits and desserts on beautiful trays to feed the 150 or so guests we are expecting. Fun, fun.)But you can still pop by and comment for your chance to win! It’s going to be spectacular stupendous really cool.


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