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Not Intelligent Design

I am married to one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever known. Sometimes it can be frustrating (like when I’m trying to “win” a discussion by throwing out useless facts and figures), but most often it is enlightening and refreshing to be married to someone who is knowledgeable on a plethora of subjects.

When we got married, I had no idea he was “called to preach”. He shared that little tidbit with me about a month after our wedding day in a Baptist book store. Although I had always considered myself a ‘Christian’ and could talk the talk, I was shocked and replied, “I’m not “called” to be a preacher’s wife!” And he told me firmly, “If you married me, you are.” So, like most everything else about him, I accepted it and eventually embraced it. We have been married for over 6 years now and I am so thankful that he is a rock solid man of God. It is because of his testimony that I got saved when I was pregnant with our son. Our mission now is to see all three of our children saved at a young age (our eldest has made a profession of faith) and to disciple them and train them up to be Godly girls and boy. That sounded wierd, but we only have one boy.

I told you all of that simply to say this: my husband has started a blog here. It’s called “Foundations in Truth” and will be bibliocentric and focus on the Genesis account of Creation. He’s quite well read on this and has done several teachings in our Church on the Genesis account – the kids in our JR Church loved the series. This is a ministry for us – something that when we are able to, we’d like to share around the world. If you are so inclined, check him out and let him know you were there. Bookmark him, because I promise you, if you are the least bit interested in Creation, you will be riveted.

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The Post In Which I Discuss Everything and Say Nothing…

At a Loss for Words

My blogging has become sporadic, at best. I’m finding my summer days are full beyond measure…making phone calls, shuttling kids to and fro, swimming parties, softball season, church activities. I think I’m ready for school to start just so I’ll have a reason to stay home from 9-1 every day to teach the kiddos.

My mom and stepdad left for Alaska yesterday. Their flight was delayed about 30 minutes leaving T-Town and when they arrived in Dallas, apparently the weather was so bad that, after sitting on their plane to AK for 3 hours, they were grounded indefinitely. So I’m thinking they spent the night in Dallas, but I don’t know for sure, since I have no way of contacting them. Mom’s cell isn’t on unless she needs it when she travels, so I’ll just have to take a wait-and-see attitude.

I’ve been really concerned about this trip for many reasons. Neither my mom or stepdad are in the best of health. In fact, he is still recovering from two falls he took earlier in the year in which he compressed his ribcage and whatever else is in there. She is so frail and on the point of mental exhaustion. Everything wears on her now…she is irritable without even knowing why. Of course it is the stress. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. So I pray daily and leave it in God’s hands, because Lord knows I can’t do anything at the present time to help the situation.

It has rained almost every day for the past two weeks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love rain and thunderstorms and all that, but really…enough. already. I’d kind of like to know if there’s any dirt left under all the water. I’d also like the ground to dry out enough to mow my yard, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon. And yes, Lulu, we are going to bring your mower back! (thanks for letting us have it for so long)

We are leaving Friday at a most unpleasant hour (4 am) to drive to Baton Rouge for some specialized training for our business. We are staying here and we are rooming with our friends, because neither of us can really afford to pay for our hotels at the present time, so we’ll save half off the price of our room, which should pay for our gas. I know it sounds crazy, because we should be at the point in our business where we have extra money, but we don’t yet. We pretty much use every thing we have just to live and the Lord helps us with the rest. I pray He always helps us with the rest.

I really need to do some filing. Oh. my. word. Do I ever need to do some filing. What I really need is the shoemaker’s elves to come in and do it for me, because I don’t even know where to begin. But I’m going to just start somewhere and work my way through it from there. Have you ever noticed things are MUCH easier if you do them a little at a time instead of letting them pile up? Like laundry. It’s so easy to throw one load in a day and fold it and wash it. Do I do that? Why, heavens no. That would be far too simple.

Floy and I rented two movies for my birthday last Friday. There was nothing at the theatre we wanted to see and besides, it was cheaper to rent. We popped our own popcorn and had a date at home without the kids (thanks again, Lulu!). It was so nice. We watched a Denzel Washington movie, “Dejavu”, which was surprisingly good. We also watched a Will Ferrell movie, “Stranger than Fiction”, which was exceptionally good…except it had way too much swearing in it. I could hardly believe it was a PG movie. And believe me, my husband noticed every. single. swear. word. I got “the look” every time one would come out of one of the character’s mouths, and I would gasp in shock myself. I’ve worked with sailors who didn’t talk like some of those movie characters talk. Frankly, I don’t really see how swearing could possibly improve a story line or plot. I’d be deliriously happy if all swearing were banned. Everywhere. Forever. And if you’re thinking I’m old fashioned…you’re right. I am. Thank you very much – I’ll make no apologies for that one.

My mother used to tell me that people who used swear words were incredibly unimaginative and didn’t know how to express their truest heartfelt feelings. I mean, seriously, how could one word possibly describe the flood of emotions one feels when one brings the hammer down squarely on the thumbnail? Or when your youngest child drops your absolute favorite-been-in-the-family-for-40-years glass serving dish on the steps of the fellowship hall?

But I digress. I’ve gone on far too long with nothing to say and covered far too many topics to make any sense. So I’ll end with this:

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of the water” – Benjamin Franklin

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

About 15 minutes after we woke up this morning, both my husband and I were red-faced, breathing heavily, sweating profusely and in dire need of a shower.

I highly recommend starting the day out with your husband this way…with jogging shoes on and dumbells in hand, doing squats and deadlifts. (What did you think I was talking about?) We are so incredibly out of shape…we decided TODAY was the day to do something about it.

I’m going to go take a nap now.

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Date Night on a Budget

Before we had three kids, my husband and I actually went on dates. I’m not sure, but I seem to remember we actually left our eldest in the care of a sitter, or gramma and went OUT of the HOUSE to a RESTAURANT. Alone. Just the two of us. And we talked about our hopes and dreams and goals for the future.

Somewhere along the way, we got lazy and began neglecting our husband/wife relationship and just became mommy and daddy. Our intimacy didn’t just walk out the door…it flew like a bat out of h-e-double-hockeysticks.

Lately, even though we have three kids now, we’ve been making time for us again. We can’t exactly go out on a real date yet (we’re on a budget since we have started our business)…but we have started putting our kids to bed earlier one night a week and watching a movie together, complete with popcorn and snuggling and ear kissing and all the other good stuff that comes with a date. I get all gussied up like we are going on a “real date” and get this? I even shave my legs and wear nice undewear. Remember how you did this when you were dating? Well, it makes a difference in how you feel and how your husband reacts.

Then, we pretend the kids aren’t there and whatever comes after the movie? Well, it’s okay, because, you know…we’ve been married for like EVER.

Head on over to Shannons for more WFMW tips!

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Daddy Cool-io

Ever heard a Baptist preacher rap? Neither have I. Not successfully, anyway.

Yesterday, my husband was being silly and singing a song to our littlest one “rap style”, complete with the beat and “psssh-pssh-psh-psssh” sounds (really it was more percussion-y) when my son (who was in the kitchen getting a glass of juice) said, “Daddy? You sound like an idiot!”

And THAT’s why he’ll never be on American Idol.

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