Sick of being sick

Sickness has invaded our household…and it’s landed on me. Out of five people in my family, I am the one who has gotten sick. Body aches, fevers, lovely things coming out of both ends…sick. The good news is that everyone in my family feels so badly for me that they are willing to do almost anything for me.

No matter how much attention I receive from my family, I’d much rather feel like a normal human being again, without rolling stomach and bowels, ya know? (sorry if that was TMI) I guess I’m just sick of being sick. Going to lay back down now and see if I can beat this nasty illness back to where it came from.

Hope your weekend was much better than mine.

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Signs of the Times

You know it’s a sign that you’ve quit blogging altogether when you don’t even post photos from your staycation a month ago…

Or when you forget to even drop in and say “Happy Resurrection Day”…or take ONE photo of the cuteness that was your kids all dressed up for Easter services to show off on the old blog.

Or maybe it’s a sign that you’ve just got way too many things on your plate and don’t have a clue how to keep all your plates spinning and the blog is the first thing to go?

Regardless, I shall return with a vengeance once things settle down a bit – if that ever happens.

Hope you’re doing well, mom…since you’re probably the only one still reading this!

Photos of K’s haircut coming this week! (I’ve got you on the edge of your seat now, don’t I?)

Gratuitous shots of my cat taking over my desk while I’m slaving away on websites:

Is he not just a beaut? Sigh…if he were a man, he’d be a prince.

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BBQ and Being Me

***Update with photos!!!***

May I just say that I amazed and slightly overwhelmed from all the terrific responses to Tuesday’s post? I am wary of posting things like that too often, for fear of alienating my readers, but I just feel the need to thank each and every one of you that took the time to read the post and email me or respond in the comments.

And yes, Floy is my husband — the one who hijacked the comments with his “post” within a post. But honestly – I don’t mind, because I really felt that HE should have been the one to write my post after reading his eloquently crafted response. You would never know he’s a preacher, would you? lol

So anyway…today is a busy day. I have a mockup that is long overdue to a very patient client, and thanks to my good friend Kelli (woot! Kelli!!!), I finally have some design direction for this piece. So hard when you have a design idea but have no idea how you’re going to accomplish it. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that as a designer, but many of my ideas never come to fruition, because I just can’t seem to find a cohesive way to make them work.

I am meeting The Good Flea for a delightful bbq lunch here today. When visiting Texas from Oklahoma, you must have good bbq. Not that you don’t have good bbq in Oklahoma – in fact, I’m sure it’s quite fine. However, nothing beats Texas bbq in my opinion…which is just an opinion – feel free to tell me where you’ve had better, and next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll try it! That said…I love Flea’s blog. She is upbeat and funny and does crazy stuff that just makes me laugh. (No, her real name is not Flea – you can dig around on her blog to find out how she came to get that name).

And yes, we’re taking photos…ack. I hate to have my photo taken.

***UPDATED ***
{this is why I hate taking photos so much. I don’t think I really look this fat in REAL life – just in STILL life.}

The Food:

The Fellowship: (taken by the lovely mom of The Good Flea)

In fact, so much so, that last weekend in Dallas, when I met Antique Mommy (who is one of my FAVORITE writers ever and was on my shortlist of bloggers I have always wanted to meet) — I didn’t have the guts to ask her for a photo. Well, that and the fact that I forgot to pack any hair products and looked like I was wearing a flat pancake. I must tell you that I adore her more now after meeting her than I did before, if that’s even possible.

We discussed how much we love Photoshop – Photoshop is my friend – because I’m really quite overweight and it is wonderful for cropping and getting rid of a few “pounds”…but unfortunately, I can’t carry it around in real life and use it when I meet folks. So you’ll finally get to see the “real” me.

You’ve been warned. It’s not pretty.

Finally, at some point today? I must find the time to finish my post pleading for a scholarship to SheSpeaks. I have felt for quite some time God’s not-so-gentle leading in the area of writing and possibly even speaking. But I will discuss that in my post. I’ll give it all away if I don’t shut up now. 🙂

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderfully Happy Thursday – may the blessings of Christ abound in your day.


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Um, when I said "Help me", I wasn’t counting on a three way TIE.

Well, I love my internet folks, but y’all are about as helpful as teats on a bull when it comes to helping me pick out my new handbag!

And I do apologize if I’ve offended anyone with my Southern colloquiallism – but I’m positively full of them. Or it. I can’t decide which.

So the results of the highly scientific poll are as follows:

29 votes total

(I used to have a LOT more readers than this!?! See what happens when you quit writing regularly? eek!)

~The zebra print was the lowest with 31% of the votes.
~The giraffe print garnered 34%, and
~The slouchy hobo also received 34% of the votes.

(And you have no idea how incredibly taxing it was on my pea-brain to come up with THREE separate descriptors for the outcome of the voting.) Somehow I really felt the need to explain myself on that and I have no idea why – maybe it’s because I am highly desirous of getting my writing mojo back???

So ya know what? I’m going to live on the edge and buy two of them. The Giraffe print ($22.90 – the most expensive of the three, but seriously? Under $30! A steal, if you ask me), because I fell in El-OH-Vee-EEh with it when I saw it and the white slouchy hobo ($16.90 and I don’t expect to have it past the abuse of the summer, because, well…I have 3 kids. ‘Nuff said). Thank yew for yure support. (a la Ross Perot)

Next week, I’ll be attending the Christian Book Expo in the Dallas – I’m hoping to gain some insight from “real” writers (unlike me – the pseudo-writer) and get myself back on some sort of writing schedule again. Once upon a time, I actually had writing aspirations. Then I had three kids and I had my aspirations kicked.

What is one thing you wish you had time to do for yourself that you don’t? (And why aren’t you making time for it???)

(and one last thing…I’m not sure I’m in love with this new comment form…is it a pain in the patootie? I’m thinking it’s a pain…but your feedback is ever so welcome)

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Fashion Friday it’s not, but I need your help

I have always been a lover of handbags (I was taught not to say “purses”)- every since I started working for Nordstrom in the Handbag Department in 1990.

I had a buyer/manager named Carrie Forrest who was the epitome of what you’d expect from a Nordstrom buyer. She was tall, very thin, and absolutely gorgeous – with a heart of gold. She taught me everything she knew about handbags, and until I was promoted to Dept manager of another Department (Hosiery, thank you very much) – I sold many a Dooney & Burke, HCL, and Sharif bag.

But I can’t find a decent handbag to save my life today. At least, not one that is *cheap* enough for my tastes.

Until now. I was browsing The Avenue and stumbled across a couple of really, really cute bags – I need your help deciding which one to purchase! They are all relatively *cheap* (Carrie would have killed me if I used that terminology in her dept!) – it’s just a matter of deciding which one.

The zebra tote:

The slouchy hobo:

The giraffe print:

Which leads me to the question – do you call them handbags or purses? (This is the really important question, you know)

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