Bloggy Giveaway Carnival – Win a handmade apron!

Hi and welcome to my giveaway for the quarterly Bloggy Giveaway Carnival! I’m so glad you stopped by and I know you’ve got six gazillion other giveaways to enter, so I’ll make this easy for you. (Why don’t you just bookmark me or add me to your reader and come back for a visit – I have monthly giveaways too!) I’ve got a little something I made up for grabs. Pictures just cannot capture the cuteness that is this apron – here’s my daughter (who is 11, modeling it):

Close Up:

The Details on How to Win:

1. To enter, just leave me a comment. You don’t have to be a blogger to enter, but you do need to leave your name – I can’t contact you if you win if you enter anonymously.

2. One comment per person, please.

3. Open only to those with U.S. mailing addresses (this includes Alaska and Hawaii – not just the lower 48!)

4. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner and you have until Saturday, April 26th at noon to enter – so if you leave your comment after that, well, you’re just out of luck! But I love ya anyway!

5. The winner will be contacted immediately via email,as well as announced on my blog. If you do not have an email address attached to your profile, unfortunately, I will have to disqualify you and have the random number generator draw again, so to speak.

Head on over the the Big Bloggy Giveaway Carnival and look at what is up for grabs!


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Free Starbucks Sample

I love coffee. In fact, I think my blog is powered by coffee…and very little sleep. I’m a sucker for freebies and giveaways as much as the next person, and this one is too good to keep to myself.

Want to know how to get a free Starbucks coffee sample? Go to their website and let it completely load. Look to the left and click on “Explore our coffees”, then look up to the upper right corner and click on “Enjoy a complimentary sample”, fill out the form and it’s on its way. Easy-peasy, right?


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Sneak Preview of Next Month’s Giveaway…

I can keep a secret, but the cat has already been let out of the bag. This is a not-so sneaky preview of what some lucky winner will walk away with next month! Handmade by me and just finished yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled – I might decide to offer it as a weekly prize – you just never know. I’m cranking things up with the roll-out of my new design blog and I need all the help and advertisement I can get!


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I’ve always wanted someone to say I had a great RAK

I’ve never been known for having ample bosom, but today I found out I won a more than ample bounty of goodies from this great site run by my online friend, Rachel.

I have been trying to get inspired to get back into scrapbooking a little, but the demands of taking care of my mom’s needs are leaving me with little energy to scrap. In fact, at the end of the day, I am scrapped – if you know what I mean. I’m so excited to win this because it’s just the shot in the arm I needed to get me going again!

Look at the beautiful RAK I’m getting from these wonderful ladies!

I am so pinching myself right now! Thanks, ladies!

WAIT! Before you go – you need to go HERE and sign up to win this month’s giveaway from MY BLOG.

Thank you. That is all.


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Randomness with a Giveaway thrown in just for fun

I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last week or so. Well, that’s not entirely true – once I’m actually asleep, I’m fine. It’s the getting to sleep that is the problem. My brain acts as if it’s going through its second puberty – wanting to stay up all night and party, oblivious of the time. For the last 2 weeks, I have been awake until 3:30 am (or later) and have had to force myself to go to my bed and either read or count the filigree cutouts on my ceiling fan. For some people, this would not be an issue – but since I have a son that likes to wake up at the rooster’s first crow, my eyes don’t really force themselves open until after the second cup of coffee. Then I’m all good.

I think it’s because I cut sugar out of my diet. Not only have I lost 17 pounds in the last month, I’ve begun to lose my desire for sleep. Go figure. I’ve also been cleaning the heck out of my house – Spring Fling Boogie (that’s what the FlyLady used to call it, anyway).

However, in my fit of getting things done, I did not finish the apron for last month’s “monthly contest”, so I will be giving that away at a later date. Sorry…I dropped that old proverbial ball with a bang, didn’t I? Got you all to guess what it was and then – psyche! you can’t have it because it’s not finished. Sigh.

So…I’m going to announce this month’s giveaway now! (Don’t you love the fanfare? woo hoo, huh?) Since it is Spring…and everyone and their Grandma seems to be in a cleaning and de-cluttering mood, I thought, “What better than some books on organizing?” These are from my personal collection and are in almost new condition — I say that because I don’t want someone thinking they are brand! spankin! new! and when they get them and see that they have been read to think I’m cheap. Let me assure you that I’m not cheap – the correct term is thrifty. Want to know what is up for grabs this month?

Here ya go:

The One-Minute Organizer Plain & Simple is the perfect handbook for busy people who don’t have time for a top-to-bottom purge or a complete organizational overhaul. Instead Donna Smallin provides 500 fast and innovative ways anybody can become a bit more organized . . . right now. Each tip delivers instant gratification, makes your world a little less cluttered, and brings you one step closer to a more orderly life.
Smallin inspires readers by showing how much can be accomplished with an investment of no more than 15 minutes a day. Every tip is accompanied by a time estimate of 1, 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

But Wait! There’s more!

This book is filled with so many ‘gee wiz’ ideas for cleaning and organization. Just everyday tips and tricks you don’t normally think to do. There are some tips on using certain items for cleaning that I did not know about at all. There were so many that as I read sections of the book, I would highlight all that applied (which was a lot) then I would go back and read through those again to remember them all. I have made suggestions to friends and family. It always seemed that I never had enough hours in the day. Clutter had become a way of life. This book shows how to organize yourself, how to clean, and how to stay on track with it. Even if you are organized the tips on cleaning are very helpful. Would recommend this book to anyone! I read it just in time for Spring Cleaning 🙂


~The contest begins today and ends Wednesday, 4/30 at 12pm CMT.
~One entry per person, please. (I will enter your name FIVE more times if you mention this contest on your blog or link to it in your sidebar using the html code I’ve provided here – just let me know you’ve posted in the comments so I can visit.)
~You do not have to have a blog to enter – just be sure to leave me your contact information in the comments.
~No Anonymous comments will be entered for obvious reasons.
~Random Number generator will choose the winner.

Good Luck!


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Monthly Giveaway Winner and some thoughts thrown in

Simply A Musing Blog Contest
Well, I never would have expected that this little monthly contest would have had more than 20 or 30 entries, to be honest. But y’all were terrific in helping me spread the word. So a HUGE “thank you” to all of you — you’re the best!

The first-ever monthly winner is….Stacey at “All Because Two People Fell In Love“! I have already notified her and am waiting to hear back with her mailing address.

Because so many of you were so sweet and helped me out by linking to my contest, I’d like to recognize those of you that did and I encourage everyone to check all these ladies out!

*All Rolled Into One
*All Because Two People Fell In Love
*Our Journey
*Field Stone Cottage
*5 Minutes For Mom
*All The Jones Men
*Win, Win, Win and other stuff
*Bloggy contests
*Toad’s Secret Spot

Okay, now some thoughts. I will never. never. do. this. again. Just kidding. But something different has to be done about selecting the winner next time. I had a seriously un-fun time of cutting and pasting and the adding the above ladies in an extra five times, then printing and cutting out and folding and then having K choose one. Not to mention pulling out all the anonymous people that didn’t leave their email adresses for me. Any ideas? I’m all ears. Shoot ’em down into the comments.

And lastly. I am headed to a wedding tonight, but I wanted to give you a hint atwhat March’s prize will be. Do you like figuring things out?

I like to hang out in the kitchen and I’m fit to be tied if you cook without me. What am I?


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