Yanni Voices – and a giveaway!!!

Time’s Up!
The winner is #19 – Six in the Northwest! Congrats and thanks for entering, everyone!

Several weeks back, Arianne, from the One2One Network asked me if I’d like to review a cd/dvd of Yanni’s newest project, “Voices” – and I jumped on the chance to review and co-sponsor a giveaway on the little old blawg. Then life got in the way and well…it’s just getting posted…but with no less love, I assure you.

Yanni, in collaboration with legendary producer Ric Wake, has discovered and developed four of the most extraordinary young voices in music today. Two years in the making, Yanni returns to the global stage with a dazzling new tour. For the first time ever, Yanni re-interprets his classic compositions and debuts new music introducing show-stopping vocalists Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially after checking out their site, – it looked like a bunch of really pretty people, but I was worried…”could they sing?”

But, I’ve never been one to turn down free music, and as Sarah Palin would say, “Lemme tell ya” – this did not disappoint! This isn’t your typical easy-listening music – these are true artists and it is obvious that Yanni is working to showcase and cultivate their talents. I think my favorite singer is Nathan Pacheco…but I don’t know whether it’s because he’s so stinkin’ cute or whether it’s his beautiful, melodic voice…this guy has got style, rhythm and an incredible voice. Phew.

If you’d like to catch them on tour, click to see their schedule. And if you’re like me and can’t afford the tickets, you can do what I’ll be doing and check out PBS’s station listing here to see when the show will be airing in your area. (hint: it starts in March!!! So you haven’t missed them!)

Just ask, Beth from I Should Be Folding Laundry – she had the guys singing Happy Birthday to her at the Blissdom conference. Some people have all the luck.

But today might just be your lucky day, because the gracious gals over at One2One Network have ever so graciously agreed to give away one simply a musing blog reader the following:

1. a box of Godiva chocolate truffles (I can vouch – they’re really good!)

2. a brand new “Voices” CD/DVD for your very own. (sorry…not giving away the boys…sigh)


~Giveaway ends Wednesday 2/25 at NOON cst.

~Giveaway open to US residents only.

~Please leave a comment with your email addy or have it attached in your profile so I can contact you. I cannot stress the importance of this.

~You may only enter once – but you can have a second entry if you’ll come back and let me know you’ve twittered this phrase (minus the quotation marks – just copy and paste):

‘@simplyamusing giveaway: Yanni “Voices” cd/dvd & godiva truffles! Enter to win – giveaway ends Wed 12pm cst.’

~If you do not twitter, what’s wrong with you? (just kidding!) You can send a note out to 3 of your friends and me (simplyamusingblog {at} gmail {dot} com) and then leave me a note in the comments you’ve done that.

So get crackin, folks! There’s no excuse for everyone not to have two entries!

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Win a Peek Mobile Email Device

****Contest Closed – scroll to bottom of post to see who the winner is!****

So is your Christmas shopping done yet? (I haven’t even begun, which is not unusual for me) If you’re anything like me (read: procrastinator), you definitely read on to find out how you can win something for your own Christmas stocking this year!

While the majority of techy-type gadgets get more complicated with time, (think Blackberrys), the Peek mobile email device is one of the simplest I’ve ever used. I love mine and never leave home without it now.

You can add multiple email address to it (think: personal, blog, etc…) and it will check them all, keeping you in touch without ever having to be near a computer. There is a $20 monthly fee, but there are no contracts to sign and no hassles – if you like it, use it. Besides, have you checked the prices of a phone contract with internet or email capabilities? Hello? This is much more affordable for the average person who doesn’t need constant internet access or even (gasp! have a cell phone), but would love to keep in touch via email. The goal is to give you “just unlimited email—no contracts, no hidden fees, no complications.”

Now some of you are thinking, “Why in the world would I ever need that, since I never check my email anyway?” Believe me, if you don’t need it, you probably know someone who does – it would make a great gift – even Oprah thinks so.

And the folks at Peek are so kind, they want to give one away right here! You have your choice between charcoal grey, cherry red, or aqua blue. Please specify the your color choice in your comment and I’ll choose a winner Monday morning. *One entry per person, and this is open only to those with US addresses, but regardless of whether you are a blogger or non-blogger, you’re welcome to enter. Best of luck!

And just so you know, I do have some actual…you know, POSTS planned for this week. I have had my head down working for the past two weeks and have barely had time to do much else. 🙂 It’s a good thing, but it’s also terrible that I’ve neglected my blog for this long…sigh.

And the WINNER IS:
But who IS that??? {We Are That Family!!!} Lucky dog…you win all kinds of contests! Congrats…stay tuned – I might have something up my sleeve for next month…along with some posts I promised. Ahem.

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And the Winner is..

Well, it’s an hour later than I intended…I was going to be all “smart” and draw at 11:11 pm on 11/11…get it? I love that kind of stuff. Instead, it’s 12:11 and I drew via the random number generator….drumroll…

There were 16 entries for the contest – Commenter #9, MzTerry is the winner! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address so I can contact our generous sponsor and let them know who to send the prize to! (Also, please let me know whether you want a hat or a tee to go with that music!)

Thanks for playing along everyone – watch for more fun giveaways soon…

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Linda Eder Giveaway

It’s Monday and it feels like a wonderful day for a giveway! Who’s up for a giveaway? Anyone? Anyone?

Last week, I received the newest Linda Eder cd “The Other Side of Me” in the mail for a review. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m a sucker for anyone who’s been on Broadway because I adore music and have extremely varied tastes.

That said, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this cd, because I had read it was a deviation from the style that fans of Linda Eder had come to know and love over the last 15 years. (I first saw her as “Lucy” in the Broadway rendition of “Jekyl & Hyde” in the late 90’s)

I was not disappointed, however. Her newer style is infused with just a touch of country flavor and I truly enjoyed the album. My favorite song was actually written by Linda and is called “Waiting for the Fall” – which has an unexpected mix of hip-hop accompanied by a bouncy beat. (Can you tell I’m not a music reviewer by nature?)

I would totally buy this album, that is, if the good folks at the One2One Network hadn’t already sent it to me.

The best part? YOU have a chance to win “The Other Side of Me” autographed CD and autographed T-shirt or hat right here. Yay for Mondays! And yay for giveaways!
The contest will end at 11:11pm, Tuesday, 11/11 (it’s easier for me to remember that way), my trusty friend, Mister Random Number Generator, will pick for me and a winner will be announced on my blog.

The Hoops:

1. Leave a comment on this post, which includes your email address or links back to your blog, which has an email address in a visible location.

2. Enter only once, please.

3. If you aren’t the lucky winner, you can purchase the new cd at Barnes and Noble.

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CS3 Winner Announced

Before I announce the winner, may I just say that I really, really, really wish I could give away ten copies? (are you listening, Adobe?)

But that said, thanks to all who entered the “Photoshop CS3- slightly used” giveaway! There were 410 commenters – so many that I had to number the comments, because I wasn’t about to count through 410 comments to locate the winner.

Without further ado, here are the results:

Can you believe that? All that numbering and I could have counted to 73!

Congratulations, Dianne! I hope you enjoy it! Please contact me with your mailing info.

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Eight Days a Week has never had more meaning to me..

Okay, so I’m not working eight days a week…I’m actually trying to take weekends off now so I can spend time with my kids (not that I don’t see them every day…but there’s a definite distinction between mom and teacher).

I designed a memorial blog for a friend’s daughter (and I must tell you there was no charge – it was for personal use – that’s so the bad guys don’t come and try to take me away!), and since I won’t be showing it in my portfolio (it was a freebie and made with items that are for non-commercial use, plus she’s my friend), I wanted to show it here. So Jeanette, this is for you, sister. I know you miss your sweet Lezlee Ann and it brought me great joy to do something for you so you can write her story on its pages.

I also finished and installed another design today – for Christy at The Road to Home, and I’ll be profiling it over on my design blog in the next day or two, but here’s a preview of what her new design looks like:

Ooh…and I’ve also been busy doing a few button projects:

Plus, I’ve taken in two more orders today…my queue is hopping and so am I. How’s it going in YOUR neck of the woods?

****PHOTOSHOP CS3 Giveaway ends Oct 31st – Have you entered? ****

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