Further proof that I really work. And how.

I had been following the blog crumbs of Michelle Kemper Brownlow on her personal blog, My Semblance of Sanity,(an amazingly talented artist who has a passion for cancer kids) for the last few months and when she shouted for design help on her up-and-coming blog, I was only too happy to raise my hand and ask if I could be the one to do it. If you’ve never visited her personal blog – I urge you to do so. She is so talented and real (she’s a writer as well as an illustrator, so it stands to reason) and I was just so attracted to the project because it’s such a fantastic cause.

Without further ado, I introduce you to “It’s 4 The Kids“, a site for Pediatric Cancer and Awareness. It was such an honor to work with her – and I think I made a fabulous new friend – it makes me kind of sad that the project is over…but that’s how it goes!

Click on over there and check out the cause. Meet the kids – once you do, you’ll probably never be the same again.


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See? I really DO work…I just can’t always show it to you…

The past week has seen me working on three separate designs, none of which I can unveil as of yet because the content is not there or not ready, or as in the case of Vita Familiae, there’s bugs to work out.

I’ve learned this week that not all templates are built the same. Of course, anyone who installs and edits css templates knows that, but I really had my hiney kicked this week and had to call in the pro – my client’s husband. Nothing makes you feel more inadequate as an “expert” not to be able to “fix” something so that it’s perfect for the client. I had never “installed” a header that was not hosted on WordPress and learned quite a bit this week via trial and error. So if you’re a WordPress user and you want a new header? Be assured I’m going to have a look at your template first to make sure it’s coded properly.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Lora and Andrew from Vita Familiae:


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Okay, so I lied…

I told myself that I was not. going. to. post. about. designs. But I am.

I spent today trying to play catch up on my house and laundry. In between hospital visits and caring for my dad, I made up some Mom Calling Cards to add to the Design Shop.

There are more styles in the shop under “blog cards” – I’m too lazy to even link to it, now that’s bad. It was fun, but now I’m tired. I’ll write more after some snuggling with my husband (oooh…you did NOT want to know that, did you?) and a good night’s sleep.


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My big news…

I’ve been keeping it a secret for weeks and it’s been killing me…so without further ado…{are you getting tired of the ellipses yet?}

I’m featured on Bloggy Giveaways this week and, well, if you want to know the details, you’ll just have to head on over there and see for yourself what the hoopla is all about. {I know, I know…I am SO mean to make you follow a stinkin’ link — but not nearly as mean as I was going to be. I was going to tell you that I was pregnant in the first sentence, but I just could not bring myself to do it, because, alas, I am not. And because it would be mean. So I didn’t. Because I’m nice like that.}

By the way…I completely overhauled my design blog in an attempt to get ready for Tuesday’s giveaway:

simply amusing designs

And one more thing. I promise to update this blog more often now that I have the pressure of completing my design blog done. That is all. Thank you. Now, go enter yourself in the giveaway.


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Is this cute or what?

I’ve just completed my first shabby chic blog header and it’s so stinkin’ cute! (Even if I do say so my self!)

Meet Elaine from “The Miss Elaine-ous Life” (is that a clever title or what?) She wanted a little something fresh and new for her blog, and I was only more than happy to oblige with a header, signature and color-coordination of the template.
custom shabby chic blogger blog header

If you’re in the market for something new, head on over to my design blog – my prices are very reasonable and my order pad is currently open!


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