Owlhaven and the Blog Card

I mentioned the other day that I had done a blog card for Mary from Owlhaven. I was so excited when she asked me, because, let’s be honest…this is OWLHAVEN, people. Not only is she a mom of 10 kids, but she’s also sort of a celebrity in the blog world – she has had over a million (yes, I said million) visitors and she is in the top echelon of the parenting blogs. Heck, CNN just quoted her in an article they wrote about the rising costs of food.

I was wary of posting her card until I received permission from her, since it’s got her last name, but she said the CNN article pretty much outed her, so go ahead. So, I’m going ahead. Alrighty then. Without further ado, here’s her card:

Is it not adorable? Okay, scratch that. I don’t want to know if it’s not adorable. Tell me how adorable it is. Just kidding. Sort of. The “owlhaven” logo was designed by Jules from Everyday Mommy – it is just adorable, isn’t it?

What are you waiting for? I can design one for you to match your blog too…head on over to Simply Amusing Designs for affordable, custom design.


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Meet the VanVoorsts

I recently designed a blog card for Mary from Owlhaven and she was kind enough to mention me on her blog (woo hoo!) and that is how I came to meet the VanVoorsts.

They contacted me because they wanted a fun colorful header for their WordPress blog about their adoption process. They are adopting a beautiful set of twins from Ethiopia and are hoping to see them very soon! Tressa wanted the colors of the Ethiopian flag and she really admired Owlhaven’s clean look. This is what we came up with:

After doing this design, I’ve realized I’m just a WordPress Dummy. There. It’s out there. I’ve said it. So, I’m calling in the big dogs and going to be using Heather of Desperately Seeking WordPress fame and until I learn WP, she’s going to be my go-to-gal. She was invaluable in helping me tweak this template and when I hit a snag and messed up the client’s template (even after backing up), she found the problem quickly as we talked on the phone and made some “repairs” for me.

Now, you might say, “Karen – that’s crazy to tell everyone that you’re using someone else to install the WP headers! You won’t look professional if you do that!” Well, guess what? I’m not a professional yet…I’m self-taught and I know when to admit I’ve had my tail whooped. I can design and make things pretty all day, but WP has a lot of moving parts and I can’t afford to mess with someone’s template and ruin their day.

I’m all about keepin’ it real, folks. 🙂 Now…bring it on – I can do anything in WordPress, because I have a pro backing me! (did you hear that Heather?)

So who’s next?


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Cards, buttons and…well, that’s all really. Just cards and buttons.

When Lora from Vita Familiae contacted me to design a business card for her online business, Barefoot Home Essentials, I was positively beside myself to have my first returning client! She wanted a simple and clean design that complemented thier web-based business and this is what we came up with:

barefoot home essentials card preview

If you’ve not visited her business before, give it a look-see. I just love their mission statement:

Making homes safe and clean for the ones you love.

We spend countless hours making our homes safe havens. We want our homes to be clean for our loved ones Yet the products we use to clean our homes are not pure and gentle. They are harsh, strong-smelling toxins that are covered with warning labels: “Avoid contact with skin,” “Fatal if ingested,” etc.

We clean every day of our lives. It ought to be safe. It ought to be gentle. It ought to be natural. Reach for cleaning products that will enhance the safety and beauty of your home, without placing the ones you love at risk. Make your home a Barefoot home.

And as a side note, I made a little blog button last week for Dana from Principled Discovery for her Homeschool Talk Radio Show. She had basically already sketched it out and this was the result:

homeschool talk show button


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Coming Soon…

to a design blog near you. Check it out. Go! I’ll wait…

Did you see? Isn’t that exciting? I thought you might like a sneak preview. It’s gonna be great. Details coming…so be on the lookout. But they’ll be coming on the design blog, so be sure to subscribe to the feed over there!

So. Today has been better than yesterday. Still no working van. Now we have two busted vehicles sitting in the yard. We’ll get the van into the shop in the morning with the help of a friend from Church…but at the moment, I’m feeling a little bit “redneck”…where’s my junky tv so I can go set it out there too? (insert Sanford and Son theme music here)

How was YOUR day?


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