I have always wanted my kids to catch the entrepreneurial spirit, and it would seem that my oldest daughter, Katie, has done just that. We have opened  a Digital Pet Portait business called Digital Pet Portraits. We take your pet photos and convert them to digital paintings.


The website isn’t live just yet (I am working on it in between all the other design projects I have going at the moment!), but we do have a Facebook page, if  you’re so inclined to visit it and “like” it. We would really love to see you there!


We were also featured on author Suzanne Woods Fisher’s blog recently – in her “Dreams Coming True” feature section. We are really excited about what the future is going to hold for us and I’m hoping that within a year or two, the business takes off and she can take it over. 🙂

Here’s a Before and After so you get an idea of what we can do:


We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these.

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