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My sincerest apologies for the completely unscheduled bloggy break. It’s been a most joyous and festive holiday for our family, aside from the fact that my mom was in the hospital for the week of Christmas with congestive heart failure (she’s out and better now). I honestly don’t know where the time has gone…I have been faithfully reading your blogs, but have completely forgotten to update mine! How’s that for pitiful? Ah…but I am about to redeem myself, as I have GOALS! GOALS! GOALS! to share with y’all.

1. Read my Bible through this year, cover to cover.
2. Spend an hour in prayer every morning.
3. Use my daily planner to improve time management – multi-task! multi-task!

4. Update my blog more often than once in a blue moon.

That’s pretty much it — I could add countless other goals, but the first three are really the highest priority. I mean, anyone who is overweight wants to lose weight (including me), anyone who is a parent should want to be a better parent (ditto), and anyone who is married should desire to be a better spouse (double ditto)…so those are a given. I’m working on those things as well.

How am I doing so far, you ask? Smashing, dahling. Hey, it’s only the 3rd of January and I’m already updating my blog! woo hoo! Feels so good to be a winner!

But seriously. I’m utilizing my reticular activating system in order to accomplish my goals. What?!?! Okay…I’m writing my goals down daily in my planner because writing triggers the RAS, which in turn sends a signal to the cerebral cortex: ‘Wake up! Pay attention! Don’t miss this detail!’ Once you write down a goal, your brain will be working overtime to see you get it, and will alert you to the signs and signals that were there all the time.

In our business, we call it the “blue car” theory. If I tell you that I’m going to give you $1000 for every blue car you see from your house to mine, you’ll be looking, won’t you? Those blue cars were there all along, but your brain now has a reason to be looking for them, enabling you to find them. Well, that’s a Reader’s Digest condensed version of what it is, anyway. But I DO find that if I write my goals down, I think about them more, which in turn makes me more prone to getting them done.

Alrighty, then. Enough with the goals. Don’t EVEN get me started on business – I will talk nonstop…and that just doesn’t equate to bloggy goodness. 🙂
Speaking of bloggy goodness, I’ll leave you with a little something sent to me by my friend, Tonya. It’s so cute that I think I watched it two or fifteen times:

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1 Comment on Hoping your New Year is Bright

  1. Fresh Girl
    January 3, 2008 at 12:17 pm (15 years ago)

    Karen! It’s good to see you posting. 🙂 I’m so sorry to read about your mom having to spend Christmas in the hospital. I’ve *been* in congestive heart failure, so I know what a miserable feeling that is…glad to know she’s doing better and home.

    Great goals! I have a few myself and your number #3 is something I was just blogging about…making lists and schedules is just something I HAVE to do to be productive, I’ve discovered. So far (only three days in), it’s working great. Hope it does for you, too!

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