As a parent, sometimes I find it really difficult to get my kids to open up and talk to me about the issues that are really on their hearts. Over the past ten years, I have discovered more than a few sure-fire ways to get them to spill the beans:

1. Make a phone call. This never fails to get their attention and this tactic will have them practically climbing over one another tell you their deepest darkest secrets. (Hello? See this black thing attached to my ear? It is a signal you are supposed to be q-u-i-e-t).

2. Invite a friend over for lunch. They will materialize from nowhere and entertain both you and your guest with their latest rendition of Riverdance and you will witness their unmatched tales of sibling rivalry. (It’s like dinner and a show!)

3. Announce you are going out with dad for a date. This is my personal favorite, because once they realize they are going to be subjected to (gasp!) a babysitter, the floodgates open and they are finally able to proclaim their never-ending and undying (is that the same thing?)devotion to you. They will spend many minutes gazing deeply into your eyes and telling you that there-is-no-one-in-the-world-they-would-rather-be-with-than-you-so-why-don’t-you-just-take-me-too. (Fat chance kiddo…I shaved my legs for this date!)

I know I’m not the only parent on earth to have discovered these things. How do you get your kids to open up and talk to you? I’m interested in these things.

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1 Comment on Talking is way overrated, if you ask me…

  1. Megan (FriedOkra)
    October 12, 2007 at 6:08 am (15 years ago)

    Bean gets all verbal and sweet and lovey dovey with me when she’s recently been disciplined. Also, right at bedtime, when another hug and a declaration of undying devotion can buy her time before lights out! How do they get so smart like that?

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