A few months back, I was introduced to the Fly Lady…SUPER DUPER site…and I recommend it to ALL moms.

Today is Super Fling Boogie and I’ve been busier than a bee buzzing around our house ridding it of clutter.

What is Super Fling Boogie you ask? Three times a year we focus on getting getting rid of clutter. You can’t organize clutter you can only get rid of it. With your clutter gone; your routines will be much easier.

It’s so true…you should try it. I already feel better….although I think Super Fling Boogie may turn into a weekend event as well…as I have waaaaay too much clutter in my home, even after selling half of it on Ebay!

Happy Thursday to everyone…and thanks for the good thoughts sent my way after my poopie day yesterday…much appreciated!

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