I am trying insanely hard not to freak out at this moment. I knew this day was coming…but I just didn’t think it would be today.

My husband and I started a new business venture that is not quite yet ready to support us, so he has kept his old job to pay the bills, etc. Next week, we had planned to go to a 2 day school that is 7 hours away from us…everything has been paid for and we’ve had our plans made for over two months. Well, my husband has a new store manager and he has refused to let my DH off for next weekend because Labor Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year for home improvement stores (he works for Lowes) and now my DH is saying he’ll just quit.

Little piece of advice, men: Don’t. Ever. Tell. Your. Wife. You. Are. Going. To. Quit.
We are emotional creatures and security means something to us. (in other words…if you’re gonna do it, just do it) Oh, I know you are all the strong, silent types and have big broad shoulders to bear the brunt of what’s to come…but we women tend to freak out…especially when we just made a HUGE payment out of our checking account to pay off several hospital bills and get out of debt.

Fortunately, I serve a risen Savior who can handle the stress of this situation for me. Me, I’d crack if I didn’t have Jesus…I might crack anyway, but I know He’s going to be there to put me back together again.

Please pray for our family…I want God’s will for our future, for our business, for everything we touch. I do not want to spend one minute outside of His will…it’s a lonely place to be. I have to go for now…I’m taking the kiddos to a birthday party…with an illuionist and everything! Maybe it’ll perk up my spirits.

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