So I was reading Kelli Crowe’s blog (told you I read it religiously) today.
Made me think about all the old commercials from when I was a kid.
The classics, I mean.
Remember the Enjoli commercial? The woman who could fry up her bacon AND bring it home?
Or how about the Chic Jeans commercial? Ooh…better than that, the Levi’s Dacron pant commercial…done in rotoscope and waaay ahead of its time…
My personal favorite was the Wendy’s “Where’s the beef” lady…
Aside from the Enjoli commercial, most of the older commercials lacked the whole “we sell SEX” thing that today’s commercials bring.
It’s sickening to watch the Saturday morning cartoons with your kids and see a half-clothed woman come on the tv (I think it was Jessica Simpson, who should know better, her father is a preacher, although I believe he condones her dress – which is outrageous to me) selling pizza to a prepubescent kid with all this sex appeal just oozing off of her. But, ya know…we the public watch it….so they give it to us.
Makes me want to chuck my tv as far away from my house as I can. I don’t want the world in my house.
I want the old days back!!! Remember as a kid – you could ride your bike forever and a day around the neighborhood without worrying about getting snatched up? You could actually walk to school by yourself? You could go to the corner grocery store (ours wasn’t actually on the corner – it was a half a mile away) to buy milk for your mom? You could knock on neighborhood doors to collect bottles if you wanted to go to the county fair? (remember you could get 10 cents for each one turned in)
When did it all get so bad? Have you asked yourself that lately? Why did we let it get so bad?

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