Someone once said, “Freedom is not free.” Have you ever thought about that?
God Bless the USA
I’m so thankful to have been born in America where I have to freedom to worship the One True God who created the Heavens and the Earth- and not some dead guy with a fat belly or worse yet, the god of this world.
I’m thankful for the men and women who forged the way by making a long trip across the sea to face the unknown for their right to own land, and have social and religious freedoms.
I’m thankful for the flag, the symbol of our freedom. It’s a daily reminder of those who have died and shed their blood for our right to choose where we live, where we shop, where our kids go to school, and where we go to church. It’s also a reminder of those who are serving today, who will die doing all those same things.
I’m thankful for the men and women who make daily sacrifices to protect our everyday freedoms by committing to serve in the Armed Forces. I pray that God keeps a hedge of protection about them and that they might return to their families safe and sound.
I’m thankful for my family, (both far and near), the friends I have made in this life, and mostly, I am thankful that I am born again and that I serve a risen Saviour. The cross is my Statue of Liberty for it was there that my soul was set free.

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