No way, I said. Yes way, he said. No…there’s NO way you’re going to be able to replace BOTH of the bathroom faucets in under a half hour. Yes, I can, he said. Watch me.
My husband has never been known to be “handy” with plumbing. He’s great with a myriad of other things – ask him to overhaul a tractor – you got it. Ask him to do floor repairs – he’s there. But he has always been lacking in the area of plumbing. He tried replacing his mom’s toilet flush valve – that was a disaster. She had to have a professional come in behind him. He’s in the process of repairing our tub in the master bath – (he’s been “studying it for over a year now, meanwhile, we use the kid’s shower)…see what I mean?
Which is odd, since he’s the plumbing manager at Lowe’s! (Hey…contrary to what you may believe, they do NOT hire experts!)
But today, he did it. He really did. I was shocked. He turned off the water and next thing I know he’s done. I didn’t even have time to finish reading my email.
I have the best hubby in the world! I no longer have to share a sink with him in my bathroom! No more wiping up his facial hair and toothpaste out of my sink…(now, I can do it out of his…but at least I don’t have to look at it while I’m getting ready).
From now on, he’ll be known as “Mister Fix it” around here…of course, with that title comes added responsibility. Now that I know he’s able, he’ll be asked to do more of it!

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