Sunday You Tube

I thoroughly enjoyed this video – I was searching for some classical music to post on a client’s webpage and ran across this one instead. It’s classical with a huge twist – watch it and see if you don’t enjoy it as much as I did.

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Sunday You Tube & Saturday Mystery Photo Winner

Lucky for me, my husband loves this guy as much as I do…or he might think I’m strange for watching Tim’s videos over and over again. Y’all…I have a sick, twisted sense of humor – albeit clean. This guy is right up my alley, because I do this to songs ALL the time. My kids friends either think I’m the “coolest mom ever” or they say I’m really “weird”…there’s no middle ground with me. What they don’t know is that I’m really an 18 year-old trapped inside a 39 year-old woman’s body. (shh…don’t tell them I said that)

And by the way – we had a winner for yesterday’s Mystery Photo Contest! Congrats to Leslie of My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving – you didn’t sound so sure of yourself, but you were absolutely right. You win…absolutely nothing but my unending appreciation for playing along as well as some linky love to your cute blawg.

I don’t know why I typed that as “blawg”…that’s not my word. I’m pretty sure I stole it from somewhere. But it just sounds so Southern…I likes it. Here’s the original photo beside the altered one for reference (and for those of you who might actually want to see what snowshoes look like when they aren’t blurred):

Okey dokey. It’s back to the books for me. I’m not faring too well at my task of finishing my CE’s. I’ve managed to log in about 10 of the required 30 hours. Why is it when you have something that you HAVE to accomplish in a set amount of time, everything that can go wrong, does?

On the bright side, I remember more about insurance and investments that I thought I did. That could come in handy one of these days, you know…I’m not sure when, but it could.

Was this a totally random post or what? Aren’t some days like that, though?

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Sunday You Tube

Newscaster can’t stop laughing – watch the model on the runway. Hilarious. I’m sorry…I know it’s not nice to laugh at folks, but she has some STYLE when she falls, folks.

I had this happen
once in DC when I was in high school…only it was on my popcorn, not in my mouth.

And this one is a tad bit gross, so if you’re a sympathy puker like me, don’t click. But I found the woman’s explanation just HILARIOUS.


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Let them eat cake – the "300" trailer…spoofed!

My husband downloaded this the other night and I laughed so hard my sides hurt. We watched 300 and enjoyed the story, but could have done without all the gratuitous shots of naked folks. Which explains why we don’t own it – we won’t let our kids watch it – but we will let them watch this. If you missed it, this is the PG version and it’s safe to watch. I promise. Turn it up so you can hear.

Am I the only one that thinks this is funny? “Let them eaaaat caaaake!”

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