Suddenly, I’m verklempt

The autopost feature on blogger is driving me a little bit nuts at the moment. I can’t figure out what time zone it has me in, so the post I had scheduled for midnight is being held hostage in my drafts folder. “UnHAND it, I say!”

Also, did anyone notice that the last three posts all ended with exclamation points? Apparently, I was very excited.

That is all.


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Great Balls of Fire!

That title really has no bearing on what I’m writing, I just felt like using it because yesterday someone told me that I was a woman of great testicular fortitude – and it made me laugh so hard that I thought about that song.

We have had some mighty severe thunderstorms here in my neck of the woods the past couple of days, so that’s why my writing has been sorely lacking. Every time I sign on to blog, I have to shut it down because lightning is shooting across the skies, threatening me that if I don’t shut down, it’s going to blow up my new computer.

Which means I haven’t been able to finish the new projects I’m working on. It’s a tad bit difficult to work on a web page template when you can’t be online. (My laptop doesn’t really work for trying to do “fine detail” work, either) Thankfully, the rain has stopped, so maybe I’ll get some of my work done on the computer now. 🙂

I did make good on my promises to my two youngest ones yesterday and I boxed up all their toys. They were having HUGE issues with keeping their toys picked up and put away, so we spent a good portion of the day sorting into four piles: AJ Keep, Abby Keep, Throw Away, and to the Church Nursery. We ended up with a box for each. Not surprising, considering the amount of “kitsch” they get throughout the year. Here’s the catch, however. Only three each of their “Keep” toys went back into their rooms yesterday They have to “earn” them back daily by putting away what they get out and at the end of the day, I’ll let them pick something.

I confess to some guilty feelings over this, but I honestly don’t know what else to do. I’m tired of cleaning their room myself and though at 5-1/2 and 3 they are capable, they are still in training and it is an overwhelming task for them which still requires my help. Any suggestions from you moms who’ve gone on before me? 🙂

I’m also working on two projects I’m pretty excited about – details to come on Friday for one of them. So please, please, please come back Friday and see what’s going on – it might just save your life or the life of someone you know!

And then there’s the matter of the May “Polishing the Bright Side” Bloggy Giveaway – I have GOT to get better at this! May is halfway over and I’ve not even announced what it is yet. Sheesh! Well, you can wait one more day. Come back tomorrow – I’ll make the announcement then.

So what are you up to these days? You’ve been scarce in these here parts. Everyone doing okay?


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Very Merry Events

Allison, from Very Merry Events was the winner of a $50 custom header package from Simply Amusing Designs during the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway. She wanted something very simple yet festive for her new party planning blog, and after a few emails and a chat, she picked this photo and trusted me to do the rest — this is the result:

If you need any party planning advice, check her out. She’s just getting this blog started, but she already has some adorable ideas for kid’s parties and general get-togethers. Oh, and see that word “Frugal”? Gotta love a frugal planner!


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Bloggy Carnival Apron Winner

Using the ever-so-scientific random number generator (my cat ran away), I have selected a winner:

Counting down from the top, I was oh so happy to discover it’s this person, who actually collects aprons:

Congratulations, Tami! And, if you didn’t win, never fear. I will be giving away another apron in the future for my monthly giveaway, so subscribe to my feed and I’ll let you know when it’s going to happen. Have a great weekend, all!


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