Desperately Seeking to Finish Before my Deadlines

I’m gearing up to finish some projects around here, so I am basically posting to tell you that I’m not posting.

I’ve taken a couple of days off because I haven’t been feeling well (I thought it was just nerves before Tuesday’s show that made me so sick), but apparently, it was some sort of nasty stomach bug that I caught from my kids. Good to know, huh? I am feeling MUCH better today and am hoping to catch back up on the designs.

But never fear! I have fresh new blog fodder for you – it’s just not here. I have a guest post up at Heather’s place – she’s on vacation and asked some folks to fill in for her and I raised my hand as though I didn’t have anything else going on and volunteered! (I’m a glutton, I tell you!)

So please don’t leave me hanging as a guest poster – go visit Heather’s blog and read my post – and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if you left a little comment luv as well. 🙂 I’ve got a delicate psyche, you know. 😉


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Time to Dress the Kids up Like Cows again…

I may not have been raised in a barn, but I know a good thing when I see it. Chick-Fil-A’s 4th annual Cow Appreciation Day is coming up on July 11th, where your family can get a free meal just by dressing up like a cow.

Click on the first picture to enlarge so you can read it. If you click on the second photo, it will take you to the Cow Tipping Book, which is loaded with page after page of costume ideas and what is acceptable.

Remember the day! Bon Appetit and remember to “eat Chikin!”


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To My Wife, On the Occasion of Her 39th Birthday

Blessed beyond metric of mind,fathom of soul,or comprehension of spirit.

I have clarity of conviction that ringing with undeniable authoratative tone revels,

‘Blessing is mine’I know,feel and hear it.

The Lord’s favor is poured out upon me with powerfully surging waves beyond degrees.

He’s given me a wife that’s friend and lover, my children’s loving and guiding bevel,

Value reaching far beyond rubies.

Man may gift and transfer wealth from one generation to those that follow, even by demand.

Yet none can give a spouse of worth, bearing integrity, to trust, formed of that precious metal.

Providence alone’s graced me your husband.

Happy Birthday, my love.


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Toilet paper wedding dress wipes out the competition

This year’s winner of the annual Charmin Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest cleaned up. (sorry, I just can’t help myself)I still have a hard time believing anyone would spend three months working on a toilet paper wedding dress for the chance to win only $1000. I mean, you’d think that they’d at least throw in a lifetime supply of Charmin, wouldn’t you?


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