When I first got married, there were two things I swore I’d never allow into my bedroom. The first was a television and second was a computer. Well, fast forward 6-1/2 years and 3 kids later…we have not only a computer in our bedroom, but it’s also our home office! Our house has three bedrooms, and has only 1400 square feet of living space…so the most logical and convenient place for us to have our home office was on the side of our bedroom!

I moved things around and made it work as best as possible, but there are days, weeks, even months that go by where I am overwhelmed with clutter and excess junk I have no clue where to put. So here’s my tackle for today (and probably the rest of this week:

Feel free to pray for me now, y’all. It’s bad. I know. But now you see what I’m up against, why I have trouble blogging. It’s hard to think in this mess.

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