The lists? They seem to be all I’ve got lately

It’s hot, I’m in the midst of a PMS breakdown with (gasp!) no chocolate in the house, and I find myself trying to entertain my two youngest without the aid of electronics or my eldest.

In addition to that, today’s edition of “Behind the Blog: The BlogHer Recap” is postponed until next week because those darned San Franciscans decided to kidnap Melanie and Shannon and hold them overnight at the airport – they will be flying home as the show is airing. And in my condition – there’s no way I’m hosting the show about a BlogHer recap when I don’t have my interviewee or my co-host. 🙂

This is as good as it gets right here – but really? It’s not half bad:

1. Build an invisible bookshelf – Ready Made Mag

2. Peel off Eyeshadow? From Sephora, of course.

3. – Cute sewing tutorial for doorstops.

4. One word…why?

5. Patsy Clairmont “Let there Be Light” – Absolutely Beautiful.


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A Little Friday Morning Humor for ya

Is your screen littered with dust, your children’s fingerprints, maybe even potato chip grease? Clean it today for free! (HT to my friend Jeanette, who sent this to me!)

If you thought that was funny and would like to download it to use as a screensaver, you may do so below. The file is 2.37MB and doesn’t take long to download. When you get to the free file hosting screen, scroll down until you see “click here to download.”

Automatic Window Cleaner Screensaver

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