Month: September 2011

The real me…it ain’t always pretty

I have basically used the same photo of myself online for the last 6 years. Why? I don’t know…because I looked better five years ago?

I still had all my hair (surgery two years ago to remove a couple of benign tumors left me with two huge hairless patches of scalp — right in front of my head).

I wasn’t as heavy (too many hours spent doing web design at a desk, snacking and not getting enough exercise has wrecked me).

I was just….cuter.

Now I’m pre-menopausal and half-bald thanks to the dermatologist who shall remain unnamed. But I’m still me. I still have the same warped sense of humor I’ve always had – just with less hair and more flesh. 🙂

So why come clean now? Why not hide behind the facade of my 5-1/2 year old photo? Funny you should ask. I’ll tell you.

I’ve agreed to do an online LIVE seminar (my skin crawls everytime I type the word “live”) on blog and graphic design for my friends Amy Bayliss and Lisa Boyd of DIY Ministry.  I really wasn’t  planning on the LIVE part, but after much consideration, I decided I would. I mean, if I were paying for a seminar, I’d want to see the actual speaker — to connect. Besides, this is who I am now.

And it ain’t always this pretty:

The Importance of Good Friends

The day I married my husband I gained a best friend. Well, actually two of them. This is Angelle.

She’s a farm girl at heart, but now works in the big city. She left me. Yep, she moved away from our little corner of Texas to greener….er…pastures. And look at who she took with her:

Yes. My youngest daughter’s best friend — but not just him – she also took this fine  young boy:

My son’s best friend. It hasn’t been easy around these part since they left. We all miss them terribly. Fortunately, they only moved 3-1/2 hours away. It’s not cross-country. So we are still able to see them. Every weekend. Yes,  you read that right. We see them every weekend. Long story, but our family travels to her city every weekend for another reason – it will make for a good blog post later down the road.

So I still get to see these sweet faces on a weekly basis.

And I get to see my best friend, who is country-city chic at the same time. Of course, it’s only for a day…but I’m thankful for it. And thankful for her.

Never underestimate the importance of good friends. They are hard to come by.


**I took these photos of Angelle and her boys last Fall. We are planning on shooting her family in their new city this weekend. I can’t wait!