Month: March 2009

An Open Letter from Michael Farris – Parental Rights Amendment

Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) is as passionate as we are about the Parental Rights Amendment, and he has committed to introducing the bill in the House again this year. Unlike last year, though, we are introducing it this year with the intent to get it passed. (Rep. Hoekstra introduced the bill last year with the intention of beginning discussion on parental rights issues.) Therefore, Rep. Hoekstra wants to have 50 co-sponsors by the time he presents the amendment bill in the House. Fifty is not a requirement, nor a magic number. But it is a significant number. Enough, we hope, to communicate to the committee and to the entire House that we are serious about this bill.

As of today, we have 31 co-sponsors committed to joining Rep. Hoekstra. We need 19 more to reach our goal and introduce this bill in the House of Representatives.

Today, we need your help to reach that goal. Please check our list of sponsors and take the appropriate action:

1) If you live in the district of a representative who is already on our list of co-sponsors, consider sending them a brief note expressing appreciation to them for standing for this vital cause.

2) If your Representative is not already on our list, we need you to call your Congressman’s Washington office and urge your Representative to contact Pete Hoekstra’s office (it’s pronounced “HOKE-struh”) and become a co-sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment.

In either event, you can find your Representative’s (Washington office) contact information by typing your zip code into the box at

Thank you so much for participating in this vital push to get the Parental Rights Amendment introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. When we have succeeded with every step, and the Parental Rights Amendment is added to the Constitution, the day of its introduction in the House, with 50 or more co-sponsors, will be a significant day in American history. Today is your chance to bring that day about!

Gratefully yours,
Michael P. Farris

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Um, when I said "Help me", I wasn’t counting on a three way TIE.

Well, I love my internet folks, but y’all are about as helpful as teats on a bull when it comes to helping me pick out my new handbag!

And I do apologize if I’ve offended anyone with my Southern colloquiallism – but I’m positively full of them. Or it. I can’t decide which.

So the results of the highly scientific poll are as follows:

29 votes total

(I used to have a LOT more readers than this!?! See what happens when you quit writing regularly? eek!)

~The zebra print was the lowest with 31% of the votes.
~The giraffe print garnered 34%, and
~The slouchy hobo also received 34% of the votes.

(And you have no idea how incredibly taxing it was on my pea-brain to come up with THREE separate descriptors for the outcome of the voting.) Somehow I really felt the need to explain myself on that and I have no idea why – maybe it’s because I am highly desirous of getting my writing mojo back???

So ya know what? I’m going to live on the edge and buy two of them. The Giraffe print ($22.90 – the most expensive of the three, but seriously? Under $30! A steal, if you ask me), because I fell in El-OH-Vee-EEh with it when I saw it and the white slouchy hobo ($16.90 and I don’t expect to have it past the abuse of the summer, because, well…I have 3 kids. ‘Nuff said). Thank yew for yure support. (a la Ross Perot)

Next week, I’ll be attending the Christian Book Expo in the Dallas – I’m hoping to gain some insight from “real” writers (unlike me – the pseudo-writer) and get myself back on some sort of writing schedule again. Once upon a time, I actually had writing aspirations. Then I had three kids and I had my aspirations kicked.

What is one thing you wish you had time to do for yourself that you don’t? (And why aren’t you making time for it???)

(and one last thing…I’m not sure I’m in love with this new comment form…is it a pain in the patootie? I’m thinking it’s a pain…but your feedback is ever so welcome)

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UNRC Treaty – What it is & What We Can Do

The vital child-parent relationship is deeply valued in millions of homes across the nation.

Yet most American families have no idea of the extent to which this precious relationship is now jeopardized by the threat of international treaty law.

Today the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is approaching a possible ratification by the United States Senate.

This treaty, as harmless as it may appear, is capable of attacking the very core of the child-parent relationship, removing parents from their central role in the growth and development of a child, and replacing them with the long arm of government supervision within the home. – from

My understanding is that if a treaty is ratified by the United States, it becomes law.

So in the case of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNRC), if the United States signs it, an international body will be in control of deciding what is best for our children!

International law will supersede our own state and federal laws.

International law will govern our children and our parental hands will be tied. There won’t be anything we can do about it at that point. The time to act is now.

Please familiarize yourself with the dangers of the UNRC.

Many countries around the world have already signed the UNRC treaty and the results have been horrific. If you have not already done so, please consider signing the petition at

The founder of, Michael Farris, is working on an amendment to our Constitution that will protect our parenting rights in the U.S. Can you take a moment to read and sign the petition, and pray for the protection of our parental rights in the United States?

Share this information with your friends and family so that we can all take a stand together to protect our precious freedoms.

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Fashion Friday it’s not, but I need your help

I have always been a lover of handbags (I was taught not to say “purses”)- every since I started working for Nordstrom in the Handbag Department in 1990.

I had a buyer/manager named Carrie Forrest who was the epitome of what you’d expect from a Nordstrom buyer. She was tall, very thin, and absolutely gorgeous – with a heart of gold. She taught me everything she knew about handbags, and until I was promoted to Dept manager of another Department (Hosiery, thank you very much) – I sold many a Dooney & Burke, HCL, and Sharif bag.

But I can’t find a decent handbag to save my life today. At least, not one that is *cheap* enough for my tastes.

Until now. I was browsing The Avenue and stumbled across a couple of really, really cute bags – I need your help deciding which one to purchase! They are all relatively *cheap* (Carrie would have killed me if I used that terminology in her dept!) – it’s just a matter of deciding which one.

The zebra tote:

The slouchy hobo:

The giraffe print:

Which leads me to the question – do you call them handbags or purses? (This is the really important question, you know)

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