Month: July 2008


My sweet husband taught a combined men’s and women’s Bible Study class yesterday morning and something he said has been tugging at my heart every since.

Our church is preparing for a revival that will occur in another four weeks. We are earnestly seeking God’s face before the event by holding cottage prayer meetings on the next four Saturday nights. And he made the remark that “Revival is not an event – it’s a process that begins in each one of us and culminates into something larger than we are.” It’s fine to pray and ask God to be there, but if we really want a revival, it has to be more about us than the church.

How absolutely true. It’s not some big event to look forward to, it’s the daily behind-the-scenes workings that God is doing on our hearts that ultimately determines the outcome of our revival. I have been praying that God would bring whatever is hidden in my heart to light, so that I can deal with it before the revival and be the wife, mother, daughter, and friend that I need to be.

And here I am – feeling so incredibly convicted today. I suddenly find myself in Romans Chapters 9 through 11, and I find my heart drawn to study repentence. I have put too many things before my relationship with God and have even found myself comfortable allowing Him to just come along for the ride without ever consulting Him first about where He actually wants me to go.

I’ve overextended myself in too many areas and now my family suffers for my lack of discipline and inability to “just say no”. I don’t know how to get it all done and redeem my time without starting my day with Bible study and prayer. And yet I find myself making excuses on almost a daily basis as to why it’s okay that I haven’t prayed yet, or read my Bible.

This morning my son told me about a dream he had last night. He dreamed that Jesus came back and we were all in Heaven (our whole family) and Brother Roby (our youth pastor) was there and Lulu (my MIL) was there and a whole slew of other people. He talked about how beautiful it was and how he was so excited to see Jesus. He described the trees and the grass and said it was the most beautiful place he’d ever been to in his whole life.

Then his countenance fell and I asked him, “What’s the matter, buddy?” He simply shrugged and said, “It was just a dream, mom. I was so sad when I woke up. I wanted to be in Heaven with Jesus because I love Him.” And my heart broke for my son a little right then and there.

That’s just one of many good reasons for me to remember why I was put on this earth. It wasn’t to have the most popular blog, it wasn’t so that I could spend all day on the computer stressing out because someone is waiting on their blog design, or to spend my nights trying to catch up on emails and make sure that my feed reader is all caught up.

I was put here to oversee three beautiful children who need a mother and guide in this sometimes fierce and always dark world. I am to be their light and salt – a living testimony of God’s Power and Grace so that when the time comes for them to leave home, they are ready to face the world because greater is He that is in them than he that is in the world.

Lord, help me to remember that. I want to be so much better than I am.
“For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ” – Romans 5:9.


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Mystery Photo Reveal

And we have a winner! (actually lots of them – but Tina was first!) Congratulations to Tina, from Antique Mommy for correctly guessing yesterday’s Mystery Photo – a box of popcorn. You are the proud new owner of…of…well…nothing. Have you noticed I’m not exactly swimming in the ad revenue over here? But I will give you my hearty thanks and a big old Texas-size “yee-haw!” for getting the correct answer.

It would seem I’ve lost my mystery photo groove – either they are way too hard or way too easy. Hmph. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for something really supercallifragilisticexpialidocious for next week.

Circle your wagons and save the date – next week’s photo is gonna be great!


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A very sweet design

When Babs of From My Heart asked for something whimsical and feminine along the lines of Mary Engelbreit, I thought to myself, “now this should be fun.” And you know what? I was right – and I think it turned out to be very bright and whimsical at the same time. (I even hand drew the cherries in photoshop – something I didn’t know I could do! – love being stretched…)


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BlogHop ’08 – Come on in!

BlogHOP 08 PartyHi there! My name is Karen and I’m your hostess for tonight’s BlogHop ’08 here at Simply Amusing Blog. Phew! You caught me with my hair still in curlers and my face unmade!

I’ve been working on blog designs all day and haven’t even had a chance to make anything super-fab for us to eat – and I’m famished, how about you? Let’s see…I’ve got some queso and chips…that’s about as good as it gets in my house on the spur of the moment…I’ll throw em in a bowl for us to share. Want some Diet Dr. Pepper? It’s either that or sweet tea, I’m afraid.

There’s a lot of partying going on tonight – so why not just subscribe to my feed and then you can have me delivered right to your inbox in the morning? Go now! Visit our fellow bloggers!


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