Month: July 2008

Turn around, I want to go back in time

As mothers and fathers, there are certain things that we do purely by instinct when we sense that danger is imminent.

Have you ever braked sharply and put your hand across your passenger’s chest in an effort to “protect” them? (I once did this with the CEO of our company and we shared a laugh after the fact.) Well, that would be instinct. You simply act without thinking – without regard to the consequences.

There are always abberations of nature – meaning folks who just don’t act the way they should in certain situations. (If you have ever been at a social function with me when I was nervous and heard me belt out some Ethel Merman, you would know what I was talking about.)

Tonight, my husband witnessed something at the Mart that Mr. Sam built that just makes my heart heavy. He had stopped in to purchase a few things for me after Church so I could feed our children’s sleepover guests something besides sugar and butter for breakfast.

While he was there he heard a child’s wailing that stopped him in his tracks and pulled him towards her direction. When he had worked his way through the sea of 4 ways that is known as “women’s world” at W*l M*rt, he saw a young girl about the age of our oldest daughter sobbing and hysterical over her mother, who was lying on the floor, unresponsive.

As folks gathered in a circle around the woman, none of the employees or customers made a move to a) assist the woman or her child, or b) call emergency medical services. He was positively frustrated at the lack of concern people showed over the woman and her daughter and said so, right there in the middle of all those people.

As he related this to me back at home (he had been gone for over an hour on what should have been a 20 minute trip – I had to have some details, folks!)I admit I got a little indignant about “those people”. What’s wrong with folks nowadays? Why doesn’t anyone want to help other folks out anymore? Where did our natural desire to help in time of need disappear to?

I thought back to my childhood here in Texas and how it was when I was growing up on the farm. When someone was sick or injured, you practically had the whole town show up to help get you through whatever misfortune had occurred. When it was over, you didn’t “owe anyone a favor” and there was no paying back anything.

People did for you because it was the right thing to do.

All I could think about was, “What if that had been me on the floor and my youngest daughter crying out for help?”

When did we stop doing things because it was the right thing to do? Is it possible for us to turn things around?

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Just Your Average Texas Garden Spider

The female usually eats her web each day and constructs a new one, often in the same place. These spiders are not particularly dangerous to people, and their bites result in nothing more than a sore, itchy swelling that goes away in a few days.

Here’s one in comparison to my daughter:

(oh, I KID…it’s not really that big – but you try walking into one of those webs unaware…)

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Behind the Blog: BlogHer Recap

Don’t forget that today on Behind the Blog: You’ve got Questions, We’ve Got Answers, we’ll be recapping the best of BlogHer with my co-host Melanie from Blogging Basics 101 (and yesterdays phenomenally busy Bloggy Giveaways) and Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer.

We’ll be disussing some of the panels they attended and giving out the URLS that you can go to in order to find the information you need to take your blog to the next level.

The show begins at 12pm central and can be found by clicking on our BTB button up above. You may participate in our live chat or call in once the phone number is announced – as it is a live call in show. I’ve seen ya’ll in the chat room – so don’t be shy about calling in if you have a question – this is all about taking it up a notch. Or, if you prefer the social networking aspect, you can just hang with us in the chat room too. 🙂

Next week, we’ll be talking with Sophie from BooMama about “Finding Your Bloggy Voice”, a topic she recently covered at the SheSpeaks Conference. Of course, there will also be an opportunity for y’all to call in and ask her questions as well – so don’t be shy!

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I don’t want all the land, just all the land that borders mine…

pecan tree

We spent the day out at the family farm with my sweet mother-in-law, (affectionately known as “LuLu” by our children) celebrating both my husband’s 35th birthday as well as our son’s 6th birthday today after church.

After dinner, (in some regions of the country, it’s called “lunch” – however, in the South, it’s known as “dinner”) I took a stroll with the kids and took some photos of the family farm that has been in my husband’s family for four generations. (okay, I really took a nap and then took a stroll)

county road

I haven’t really shared much about the farm on my blog, and I’m not really sure why. It’s rich in character and though we haven’t lived on it since we married, we visit it often and store a lot of our “stuff” in the shop. (thanks, Lulu!)

Unlike Pioneer Woman, we don’t work the cattle that live on our land. Actually, if you read her blog, she doesn’t personally work the cattle that live on her land either. She just takes photos of the folks that work her cattle. We have our pastures leased to a man who runs his cows on them throughout the year. And also unlike Ree, I do not have a digital SLR camera, so this is as close as I get to cows I’m not familiar with. Here, I’d like you to meet a Texas Longhorn, in the flesh: (she’s purdy, ain’t she?)

texas longhorn

But cows aren’t all we have on the farm. We have some gorgeous trees too. That tree in the first shot is one of two pecan trees that live right out back of my MIL’s house and they are the trees that our oldest daughter learned her mad climbing skilz on. She also climbed on the magnolia tree (named after my husband’s great grandma, “Liller Dale” – all the inanimate objects on our farm have names) which isn’t blooming yet, but I love the flower buds just the same.

liller dale

Of course, I love the pear trees too. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they actually produce something that is quite tasty too. They are pretty full and will be ripe for the picking in a just a short while – anyone want to come help me?

pear tree

My daughter took this artsy little shot and wanted me to share it with everyone as well:

We hope to be building our home out on the back 40 acres of the property in the next few years – I’ve already picked out the floor plan – it’s a lodge-y looking home with a huge wrap-around porch. Absolutely gorgeous, and if it never gets built, I am going to be so mad at my husband. (oh, I kid…sort of)

Apparently trees aren’t the only things growing in the yard – look at what I found in between the shop and the chicken house:


That truck is a 1967 Ford short and wide pickup named “Myron”. It named after a high school friend of my Father-in-law’s. According to my husband, it is a classic. Manual, 5-speed transmission with a V-8 engine that is just fine for running up and down these dusty country roads. It belonged to my husband’s daddy and my husband has known it all of his life and refuses to let go of it. The floorboards are rusting and the poor thing hasn’t been started in at least 13 years. But some things you just don’t get rid of.

Apparently this old truck is one of them. I’ll admit, it’s sort of grown on me over the years. Heck, Myron has just settled himself comfortably in his little spot and has grown where he was planted. Which, technically is a good thing, I suppose.

He’s a reminder that we are all still useful and beautiful in our own way, no matter how old and rusted and underappreciated we may feel. I don’t know that he feels anything, I’m just sayin’ folks.

So there ya have it, your first tour of the old family farm. Of course, I haven’t shown you the chicken house or the shop or where the barn used to be, but there’s always next week. So what’d you think? Is it everything you hoped it would be? Did you even know we had a farm? Do you even care? I’m interested in these things, you know. Tell me – which photo is your favorite?

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Bloggy Giveaways $100 Target Card

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Mystery Photo Winner

Congrats to Jeni from Allen Family Circus for being the first to correctly guess that the mystery photo was a streetlight. Of course, this isn’t your first rodeo, so you know the prize is simply a hearty “yahoo” and a slap on the back for being the winner and for playing along, but you do get a little linky love from me. Y’all go visit Jeni, ya hear?

I absolutely loved some of your answers – some of you went the creative route when you saw that your guess was already taken, but they were absolutely hilarious. Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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