Month: June 2008

The Name Game

I have had the same personal email name for close to 13 years. Oh, the extention changes with services like hotmail, yahoo, and finally gmail, but the “root name”?It’s always been the same.

But after yesterday, I’m seriously thinking of changing it.

I called a major hotel chain in Baton Rouge because we have a business trip planned for the end of July and this time we are going to take our kids.

I stated to the reservations guy that this was a business trip and I’d like our corporate rate, along with two beds, because we’d have guests in the room with us. (I didn’t bother to tell him it was going to be our kids)We chatted briefly about the attractions close by while he checked on our rates and when he was finished, he asked if I wanted an email confirmation.

Without thinking, I said “sure!” and launched into telling him my personal email address. There was complete silence on the other end of the phone. In fact, I thought I’d lost him entirely.

“Hello? Are you still there?” I asked.

“Um…yes. I’m sorry. I’m emailing your confirmation to C-A-L-L-G-I-R-L…”

Immediately I understood the problem. He’d misheard me and I busted out laughing because I could just imagine him sitting there booking a room for two nights on ‘official government business” where there would be guests and sending the email to ‘callgirl___”.

When I was able to catch my breath, I shared with him that my email was NOT callgirl…it was TALLgirl. We shared another laugh as he disclosed the fact that he was trying to figure out how to get his name off of that reservation before closing it out.

Oy vey.


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My first Promo – how exciting!

Chad from Grizzly Groundswell was kind enough to send me the Promo he did for Simply Amusing Designs and I’m posting it so you can all listen to it and clap in glee with me.

Okay, you may not clap in glee, but I am. It was very exciting to hear my little business talked about in such a manner.

For your listening pleasure (it’s very short, I promise!) Wondering if I should stick it on my Design blog under the “what clients are saying” tab I’ve never made?


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Winner of the Saturday Mystery Photo Contest!

Apparently, this photo grossed many of you out? I think it’s amazing…would you believe that this is a photo of a cat’s tongue? Look closely and you’ll see the hair it hooked!

Congratulations to Jeni from Allen Family Circus! She was the first and only one to correctly guess this week’s contest – it was a rough one, and all I want to know is…how in the world did you guess that????


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Oh my Gersh…I’ve had to temporarily press the PAUSE button

Who would have ever thought I’d actually have so many orders that I had to close my queue so I could get caught up?!?! But the reality is that since I’m a mom of three, it’s summer, and I have too many folks waiting for their orders, the time has come to shut ‘er down until I can catch up. 🙂

If you are interested in a design, please don’t hesitate to fill out your order form and I’ll place you on the waitlist, but just understand it will be at least 4 weeks before I can get to you, unless I decide to get really spiffy and jazz up on the caffeine and stay up until 4 every morning, then I can get them done!.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and I will catch up, because I LOVE what I’m doing and I love my clients! Each and every one of you!


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To My Wife, On the Occasion of Her 39th Birthday

Blessed beyond metric of mind,fathom of soul,or comprehension of spirit.

I have clarity of conviction that ringing with undeniable authoratative tone revels,

‘Blessing is mine’I know,feel and hear it.

The Lord’s favor is poured out upon me with powerfully surging waves beyond degrees.

He’s given me a wife that’s friend and lover, my children’s loving and guiding bevel,

Value reaching far beyond rubies.

Man may gift and transfer wealth from one generation to those that follow, even by demand.

Yet none can give a spouse of worth, bearing integrity, to trust, formed of that precious metal.

Providence alone’s graced me your husband.

Happy Birthday, my love.


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