This past week has seen me very busy working very closely with another artist who runs three separate blogs – one for thought, one for radio, and one for video. He wanted a cohesive theme that tied them all together, sort of a “trifecta” effect. He wanted texture and depth and stated his favorite colors are browns, greens, purples, and coppers. After an initial preview, he gave me the go ahead to run with his vision and this is what I came up with. Note the headers are all similar, but the words are highlighted according to what the blog is about. I also did the buttons and members map you see on the right side.

This is Grizzly Groundswell:

This is Grizzly Groundswell Radio:

And this is Grizzly Groundswell Video:

This was a super fun project because it wasn’t something I have ever tried. I love to stretch myself and working with the textures and these colors was really fun.

By the way, Chad is a Raku Clay handmade tile and mosaic artist and very talented – you can check out his work at The Clay Empire.

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2 Comments on Not one, not two, but THREE!

  1. Renae
    June 18, 2008 at 11:13 am (15 years ago)

    Gorgeous! I love the ripped paper and the colors. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Mr. Chad T. Everson
    June 18, 2008 at 11:39 am (15 years ago)


    It was Simply Amazing working with you and I Simply Love what you have done for my Grizzly Groundswell sites! I could not of done this without your creative insight and troubleshooting abilities! You stretched yourself and really flew to new heights! I love it!

    Your business should be named, “Simply Amazing Designs!”

    Thank you again and I just can not say or put into words how great this site now looks!

    Chad Everson
    Grizzly Groundswell
    The Clay Empire

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