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Alrighty then. I feel better now that that little piece of business has been taken care of. We can move on to something really important – me. Oh, I jest. I’m not important, but it’s important to me that I answer your questions before the end of the millenium, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Brittney from Outnumbered 4 to 1 asked me “I would like to know what do you wish your mom knew to teach your brothers about being good protective big brothers without keeping you from having a life?”

When I was growing up, I used to joke that even though my dad died when I was 9, I had no shortage of “fathers”. Having 6 brothers was like having 6 fathers…seriously. Plus, being the youngest and a girl, I was not allowed to do anything they had done (drive, date, you name it) at the age they had done it because, well, I was a girl…and apparently not as capable as they had been. The truth was, my mom had never raised a girl, my dad was gone and she was doing the best she could. In all honesty, my brothers never kept me from having a life because most of them were way older than me and by the time I was 14, I was the only one still at home. So I didn’t have all the typical teenage angst some girls who have older brothers do. That’s not to say that I didn’t have any – I remember very clearly in 10th grade I liked a certain boy and when he finally called me on the phone, one of my brothers answered (with me in the room, thank you very much) and said, “Karen? No…she’s not available right now…she’s sitting on the pot taking a dump.” Sigh. He never called back. Wonder why? I think the whole “protective” thing comes fairly naturally with both boys and girls. So if this is what you’re hoping to avoid – I don’t know that there’s really any way to avoid at least a little of that. I think every mom pretty much does the best she can in this area, but if there is anything I could say that I wish my mom would of taught them about being loving and protective – it’s that “you can go overboard” with it. As much as I joke about my brothers being horrible, they are all pretty terrific human beings and have turned out to be wonderful fathers and husbands and I don’t think that there’s one of them that wouldn’t come riding in on their white horse if they thought I needed rescuing. That’s just the kind of relationship we all have. Have I answered your question?

And Megan from Fried Okra asked the really HARD questions: At a carnival, cotton candy, popcorn or a hotdog? Where do you store your pajamas when you aren’t wearing them? What are your blogging goals, if you have any? Do you keep up with your stats and want to grow readership? What do you want to accomplish with your blog?

I honestly had to think about that first question for two days to know how to answer it. Would it be bad to say all three? 🙂 Ahem…if I could only choose one, however, it would be popcorn. I’m honestly not a huge fan of cotton candy because it’s like eating air and not nearly as satisfying and as much as love I me a good hotdog, popcorn from a vendor just tastes so much better than the microwave stuff I make at home.

As far as my pajamas go…I wasn’t sure if you were asking where I keep them when they are freshly washed (in my drawers – the dresser kind) or when I’ve worn them and have gotten dressed. I’m going to guess you meant the latter and go with that one. I am just like my mother (why does that sound so weird?) and I hide them under my pillow after I make the bed. So original, dontcha think?

And that last one really is a doozie. This is the real reason that I had to think for a day or two. In answer to “What are your blogging goals? Do you keep up with your stats and want to grow readership? What do you want to accomplish with your blog?“, I’ll have to say that up until the last month, I really haven’t had any specific goals. I’ve basically been rowing my boat with one oar, going in circles on the www and getting nowhere. Then I decided to really make an effort not to worry so much about trying to draw people in with my writing (which is more stream-of-consciousness than anything) and just write to enjoy writing for what it is – a release. Scribbit posted a while back on having a schedule and so that’s what I’ve attempted to do for myself. I go light on the weekends because everyone is off the computer enjoying time with their families (hence the Saturday mystery photo contest) and I generally don’t even post on Sunday, just because that’s the one day I take off to spend with my own family and do church-y activities. I have a very loose topic schedule that if I don’t have anything else to post I can use (ie – wfmw, wordless wednesday, thursday thirteen, etc) any number of memes or just post a photo.

I would be lying if I said that I don’t keep up with my stats. I know how many people have been on my page daily, but I am honestly trying not to obsess if someone drops me from their reader or I am not in the top 100 (which I never am) on any of the top blog sites. I’ve realized that while love blogging, I’ll never be able to devote the time or energy necessary to keep up a “top blog” as long as I’m homeschooling and have three young kids. I would love to grow my readership, but I’ve also realized I can’t be ‘everything to everyone’. I’ve gotta be meeeeeee (sung Ethel Merman style). If you have any wonderful tips on how I can grow my readership (besides writing quality content – because really? who has the time for that?) you can forward them to me. I’m totally open. Any just as an FYI…I was doing Ethel Merman impressions looong before Pioneer Woman. I love her and she’s so much more brave than I to put her burps and Ethel Merman impersonations online, but I could totally see myself doing that if she hadn’t already done it.

And lastly, in answer to your question “what do you want to accomplish?” I want to make an impact in some way. I have yet to figure out how to do this effectively. But God has given me a heart that wants to make a difference in this world – Ghandi said that we must BE the change that we wish to see, so I’m starting with myself. If I can help someone by promoting a worthwhile cause like cancer awareness or something else, then I want to do that. I recently took on a project where I designed a page for raising money for pediatric cancer awareness. I love giving my time to worthwhile causes. And it has absolutely nothing to do with recognition or kudos or anything like that. I do it because it FEELS GOOD. I love the little monthly giveaways, because I like to win things personally. As far as what I want to accomplish with my blog, that’s still in the works, I suppose. I have a lot of ideas, but very little time. I realize I totally took the side door and escaped answering that question, but you’ll just have to forgive me this time. You will, won’t you?

And that’s it for today. PHee-hew. I thought I’d finish them all up, but it might be nice to get something else accomplished as well – my kids might appreciate, well, breakfast for one thing. They’ve been under the weather for the last three days, so I’ll wrap it up tomorrow.

Don’t forget that Friday is the day to come back to read the answers to your questions about cancer. There were a LOT of terrific questions and Cassie has asked if we could separate the questions into two categories – so this Friday will be breast and cervix cancer questions and next Friday will be skin cancer questions. I apologize, but I don’t think the Doctors were expecting the high volume of questions they received and with the Memorial Day weekend looming ahead, they will be closing over the weekend. I am so pleased and appreciative of EVERYONE who helped promote this campaign…and reading some of the questions, I was touched beyond belief at what some of you are going through or have been through. I wish I could just give you all a big old hug and tell you that it’s going to be okay…James 4:14 says “For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanishes away…” So true.


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2 Comments on Your Questions About Me Answered – Part Deux

  1. Outnumbered 4 to 1
    May 21, 2008 at 10:38 am (15 years ago)

    Yeah I guess so. Its hard when you aren’t sure exactly what you are asking. I love the fact that my daughter will have that protection and I constantly joke that when it comes to dating I won’t have to worry about anything between her dad and 3 big brothers but I do want to teach them that she is a human being. She does deserve to find the right guy. She does have to learn via mistakes. Boys will make her cry and they can’t kill every boy that does. I guess that is what I mean.

  2. Emily
    May 21, 2008 at 10:13 pm (15 years ago)

    you’re doing great on the answers! i’m totally impressed. i’ve thought about doing the Q&A, but i’m pretty sure no one would have any questions for me, and then that would be pretty disappointing, wouldn’t it? 😉

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