Month: October 2007

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I didn’t realize until today why no one was leaving comments…I guess it’s because you were having a tough time..sorry. I have been fiddling around with my template and I think I must have erased some important code by accident. I have repaired it now, at least I think.

Would you please test the comments out so I can be sure?

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She’s so lyrical

My kids are gearing up for all things Christmas (our favorite holiday of the year) and we have been buying Rudolph books and movies and dusting off our holiday cd collections. They have a special love of music and spend a lot of their day singing Christmas songs and making up their own versions of popular songs.

This morning, my husband was recording the kids singing their songs and this is how my 3 year old daughter sang “Santa Clause is coming to Town”…you HAVE to listen. (Ignore “the boy”…he’s just waiting his turn on the recorder, and a little impatiently at that.)

Here are the words to her song:
He sees you when you go pee pee,
He sees you when you go back to sleep
And you better watch out
He sees you when you’re wakin up
And he sees you when you have to go potty
And you have to do that
And he sees you when you go back to sleep
And you better watch out
I’m tellin you why not to cry
And you better watch out cause
Santa Clause is comin…to TOWN!

She’s a little obsessed with all things potty, can’t you tell? Oh…and all things Christmas. Happy day, all!

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Why I Homeschool…

A friend sent this news article to me via email. It is an older article, but the subject matter is still relevant. Please visit the link and then come back and share your thoughts in the comments section.

I am astounded that there are teachers who feel it is okay to discuss this type of thing in the classroom. On one hand, I have had a couple of public school teachers tell me “It’s not my responsibility to raise other people’s kids and instill morals and values”…which I happen to agree with. But on the other hand, I feel that some teachers are just pushing the boundaries too far by discussing issues with such young children. First and second graders?

This is the exact reason I am homeschooling…not because I don’t want my kids exposed to this type of thing, because they’ll be exposed eventually. You can’t shelter them from all the issues of the world, but I homeschool because I want to present it from a Biblical perspective.

And before some people go off on me about being “tolerant” and “forgiving” as a Christian, let me assure you that I am not attempting to judge homosexuals here, simply the adult nature of the course matter being studied. I stand in agreement with the Bible when it says that it is a sin, but so is lying, adultery, theft and murder.

What are your thoughts? Am I simply overreacting?

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Saturday Surfing Links

1. Filed it under “Where in the Heck where this kid’s parents?”

2. I don’t think I could do this, but it is almost as good as the guy who did the dust drawings: Laundry Detergent Paintings

3.Scribbit is hosting a “Write Away Contest” over at her place with a couple of really neat prizes. This month’s theme is “Things that Scare Me”…get your posts written before Wednesday, October 17 and get it submitted!

4. Mary at Owlhaven has an interesting post about folks who buy resale (like I do). I’ll post photos of my latest finds tonight!

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Public Service Announcement # 389

If you are by chance, say, writing a piece for Scribbit’s October Write Away Contest, and the subject happens to be “Things that Scare Me”…may I suggest that you NOT write it at 2:46 in the morning when everyone else is asleep in the house, or you might just scare yourself so well that you won’t be able to move from the safety of the computer desk? Funny how you never really notice the sounds your house makes until you get scared and then
is magnified and is probably a boogie monster waiting to reach out from under your bed and grab your feet.

Oh quit laughing at me. You know boogie monsters exist. And I’m afraid of the dark, too.


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Talking is way overrated, if you ask me…

As a parent, sometimes I find it really difficult to get my kids to open up and talk to me about the issues that are really on their hearts. Over the past ten years, I have discovered more than a few sure-fire ways to get them to spill the beans:

1. Make a phone call. This never fails to get their attention and this tactic will have them practically climbing over one another tell you their deepest darkest secrets. (Hello? See this black thing attached to my ear? It is a signal you are supposed to be q-u-i-e-t).

2. Invite a friend over for lunch. They will materialize from nowhere and entertain both you and your guest with their latest rendition of Riverdance and you will witness their unmatched tales of sibling rivalry. (It’s like dinner and a show!)

3. Announce you are going out with dad for a date. This is my personal favorite, because once they realize they are going to be subjected to (gasp!) a babysitter, the floodgates open and they are finally able to proclaim their never-ending and undying (is that the same thing?)devotion to you. They will spend many minutes gazing deeply into your eyes and telling you that there-is-no-one-in-the-world-they-would-rather-be-with-than-you-so-why-don’t-you-just-take-me-too. (Fat chance kiddo…I shaved my legs for this date!)

I know I’m not the only parent on earth to have discovered these things. How do you get your kids to open up and talk to you? I’m interested in these things.

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