5 Minutes for Mom has an awesome contest for a NeatReceipts Scanalizer – actually, ten of them! It is valued at almost $200 and if you haven’t already clicked over to watch the demo at their website, you really should do it now!

I’m thinking this would be extrememely handy for our business – we have lunch tabs, dinner tabs, fuel receipts…a plethora of little tiny pieces of paper that are floating around on my desk. What a dream it would be to scan it and forget it! I can organize the receipts on the pc…I’m so lovin’ this idea.

Another thing we could do is to scan in some of our client’s information and have a copy we could pull up and attach for efaxes or emails and/or save to cds at year end. That would be really cool.

Of course, it would also be great for scanning in the kid’s hand drawn photos for posterity before they end up with coffee and tea rings on them. Not that we ever get coffee and tea rings on our kid’s artwork, but you know, I’m just sayin’.

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