Month: June 2007

Want to know what true freedom is?

I recently came across this poem in the book “You Can’t Steal Second with Your Foot on First!” by Burke Hedges and I loved it, which is why I’m sharing it with you!


To laugh is to risk appearing a fool.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To live is to risk dying.

To hope is to risk despair.

To try is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.

He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live.

Chained by his own fears, he is a slave. He has forfeited freedom.

Only a person who risks is free!

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The Post In Which I Discuss Everything and Say Nothing…

At a Loss for Words

My blogging has become sporadic, at best. I’m finding my summer days are full beyond measure…making phone calls, shuttling kids to and fro, swimming parties, softball season, church activities. I think I’m ready for school to start just so I’ll have a reason to stay home from 9-1 every day to teach the kiddos.

My mom and stepdad left for Alaska yesterday. Their flight was delayed about 30 minutes leaving T-Town and when they arrived in Dallas, apparently the weather was so bad that, after sitting on their plane to AK for 3 hours, they were grounded indefinitely. So I’m thinking they spent the night in Dallas, but I don’t know for sure, since I have no way of contacting them. Mom’s cell isn’t on unless she needs it when she travels, so I’ll just have to take a wait-and-see attitude.

I’ve been really concerned about this trip for many reasons. Neither my mom or stepdad are in the best of health. In fact, he is still recovering from two falls he took earlier in the year in which he compressed his ribcage and whatever else is in there. She is so frail and on the point of mental exhaustion. Everything wears on her now…she is irritable without even knowing why. Of course it is the stress. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. So I pray daily and leave it in God’s hands, because Lord knows I can’t do anything at the present time to help the situation.

It has rained almost every day for the past two weeks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love rain and thunderstorms and all that, but really…enough. already. I’d kind of like to know if there’s any dirt left under all the water. I’d also like the ground to dry out enough to mow my yard, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon. And yes, Lulu, we are going to bring your mower back! (thanks for letting us have it for so long)

We are leaving Friday at a most unpleasant hour (4 am) to drive to Baton Rouge for some specialized training for our business. We are staying here and we are rooming with our friends, because neither of us can really afford to pay for our hotels at the present time, so we’ll save half off the price of our room, which should pay for our gas. I know it sounds crazy, because we should be at the point in our business where we have extra money, but we don’t yet. We pretty much use every thing we have just to live and the Lord helps us with the rest. I pray He always helps us with the rest.

I really need to do some filing. Oh. my. word. Do I ever need to do some filing. What I really need is the shoemaker’s elves to come in and do it for me, because I don’t even know where to begin. But I’m going to just start somewhere and work my way through it from there. Have you ever noticed things are MUCH easier if you do them a little at a time instead of letting them pile up? Like laundry. It’s so easy to throw one load in a day and fold it and wash it. Do I do that? Why, heavens no. That would be far too simple.

Floy and I rented two movies for my birthday last Friday. There was nothing at the theatre we wanted to see and besides, it was cheaper to rent. We popped our own popcorn and had a date at home without the kids (thanks again, Lulu!). It was so nice. We watched a Denzel Washington movie, “Dejavu”, which was surprisingly good. We also watched a Will Ferrell movie, “Stranger than Fiction”, which was exceptionally good…except it had way too much swearing in it. I could hardly believe it was a PG movie. And believe me, my husband noticed every. single. swear. word. I got “the look” every time one would come out of one of the character’s mouths, and I would gasp in shock myself. I’ve worked with sailors who didn’t talk like some of those movie characters talk. Frankly, I don’t really see how swearing could possibly improve a story line or plot. I’d be deliriously happy if all swearing were banned. Everywhere. Forever. And if you’re thinking I’m old fashioned…you’re right. I am. Thank you very much – I’ll make no apologies for that one.

My mother used to tell me that people who used swear words were incredibly unimaginative and didn’t know how to express their truest heartfelt feelings. I mean, seriously, how could one word possibly describe the flood of emotions one feels when one brings the hammer down squarely on the thumbnail? Or when your youngest child drops your absolute favorite-been-in-the-family-for-40-years glass serving dish on the steps of the fellowship hall?

But I digress. I’ve gone on far too long with nothing to say and covered far too many topics to make any sense. So I’ll end with this:

“When the well is dry, we know the worth of the water” – Benjamin Franklin

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.38 Special

June 22, 1969. The date of my birth. I weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces and was born in Mexia, Texas. I don’t remember much about those first days of life…I have to rely on my mom’s failing memory to piece it all together, since my dad passed away when I was only 9.

My mom began to hemorrage after leaving the hospital with me and was re-admitted so her life could be saved. I spent most of those first days being held by my dad and sister, eldest daughter from my father’s first marriage. They took turns caring for me and visiting my mom in the hospital. Neither one had ever cared for a newborn and because of this, they fed me formula straight from the can, without mixing with water. I didn’t wake up to eat again for almost 12 hours, I’m told. My six older brothers mostly just watched from a distance. It wasn’t until I was older and less “breakable” that they were comfortable holding me.

I grew up surrounded by a very loving, though now it seems disconnected, family. We were spread all over the state of Texas by the time my dad died. I say disconnected because even when we were close in proximity, there was a distance in our relationships.

And I honestly don’t know why I’m even telling you this. Except that I want it recorded, maybe. The older I get, the more I realize that my childhood was not the perfect one I remembered. It’s days like today that I reflect back on my past and I realize with crystalline clarity that all was not as it seemed. My mother was very good at hiding her emotions and putting on a brave face, while I am not. Which is better? I cannot say. Sometimes I wish mom would have shared more with me…but when does sharing your circumstances become too much? I am pretty sure I would rather be more like my mother. I always felt safe and although we never had money, I felt taken care of. I never worried about how the light bill would be paid, my mom never shared the day to day concerns with us kids. I so wish I was more like that. I tell myself I am doing the right thing with our kids…like I was, they are happy and well cared for. Right now, we don’t have money for the extras in life, but I know we will one day, and I don’t want them to ever forget what it was like in the beginning.

So back to the beginning…today is the day of my birth. I am thankful that God allowed me to draw breath. I am thankful for my husband, who is loving and supportive and the head of our home. I am thankful for my children, who bring light and joy to a mother’s heart. I am thankful for my Savior, who was wounded for my transgressions…who looked way down into eternity and saw my face and even though He knew I would never be worthy, He gave His life anyway…so I wouldn’t have to.

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2nd down and 90

Okay, okay. I know, they don’t have to cover 90 yards to get a down….but that’s not really yards I’m talking about, it’s pounds. I have lost another 2 pounds this week! I had a lapse a couple of weeks ago, but I hopped back on the wagon last week and got more focused on my weight loss goals.

Hubs has been doing my weight training (which isn’t much yet, believe me) and I’ve been walking three times a week, which needs to be six, but oh well. I’ve once again cut out sugar and am trying to eat low carb/low fat. I say “trying” because with three kids under the age of 10 and a husband, it’s not easy, as any other woman who’s on a diet knows. “Mom…can we puh-LEASE have those cookies?” “Honey…where’s the garlic bread to go with the veggie lasagna?” Sigh.

One day at a time, K. One day at a time. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus. You ARE doing it!
How’s it going for you? Let me know you stopped by in the comments!
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A thought about what faith is to me…

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” ~ Hebrews 11:1

Hope: the belief that tomorrow will be better than today.

It has been said that faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted, and while some folks may argue that point, I believe it holds a large degree of truth that we will all experience if we are born again and on our way to Heaven. It seems my family has experienced more than its share of trials of late, but don’t think I’m complaining. (although the air and fleas WERE a little bit upsetting – God has taken care of both situations – our a/c is repaired! and the fleas are gone!)I’m just saying that I’ve come to realize that God is simply using some tough circumstances to build the muscles of my faith.

My faith has been weak, I know that. I can SAY that I have faith, but when it comes down to it, I am more like the puny guy on the beach…no muscle where the mouth is. God has just allowed some things to happen in my life so that my faith will be strengthened. And guess what? It’s working! Just like working out in the gym strengthens my physical body, praying to overcome the circumstances He’s allowed to happen strenthens me spiritually.

Probably the most important lesson I’ve learned over the course of the last few months has been that all trials really are – are opportunities sent by God to test us and try us to see if we will be faithful to serve Him through it all. I think about the Israelites and when they sent the 12 spies into Canaan – their report turned from FAITH to SIGHT. Only two kept their faith and came back with a good report. Lord, please let me always keep my eyes on YOU and your promises, and not go on my feelings alone. Let me always remember that Faith is controlled by you and sight is controlled by satan – let me always take the path that leads to You, Father.

Take no risks and you have no FAITH. I am willing to try what seems like the impossible, just as Daniel did in the lion’s den, as David did when he was running from Saul, and as Paul did. I will resist all faithless influence and Lord, I surrender our marriage, our children, our business, and my will into Your mighty and capable hands – because You alone are able to change our circumstances and I will trust Your Word when it says “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” -Hebrews 11:6

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Calling All Desserts – it’s Round-Up Time!

I have had such a hectic week that tonight as I was getting ready for bed, I realized what day it is – and you probably thought I forgot! But no…because today is the day for our Dessert Round up hosted by yours truly. Do you have a dessert recipe that you’d like to share? Or do you know of a website where you have seen someone else’s recipes you’d like to point us to? Feel free to do so – we aren’t that picky here. Just leave your name and a direct link to your blog entry on the Mr. Linky below. Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below! And, if you don’t have a blog, but would still like to share a recipe, I’ll be happy to post it for you – just send me an email you will find on my profile page.
Here’s one of my favorite desserts that is a great treat for summer – light and fruity:
Note: this is a two day process – so be sure to start the day before you want to serve it!

Acine de Pepe Salad

1-3/8 c pineapple juice
2 T flour
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 t salt
1 c sugar
1 cup raw acine de pepe noodles
1 large tub cool whip
2 c miniature marshmallows
16 oz mandarin orange slices, drained
20 oz crushed pineapple, drained
20 oz pineapple tidbits, drained

DAY ONE:~Cook first five ingredients in double broiler until set.~Boil acine de pepe noodles as directed on package and mix with pineapple mixture above. Refrigerate OVERNIGHT.

DAY TWO:~Mix drained fruit with cool whip and marshmallows, add acine/pineapple mixture and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

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