Month: April 2007

Cars and Kids – Works for Me!

I composed a very helpful entry with much witty repartee which was lost on the world wide web as soon as I hit “publish”, so for this one? I’ll just stick to the facts, ma’ams.

Two things that work for us in our mini-van:

*Exhibit A:

This is a terrific book for keeping the young ones entertained on the long drives to Gramma and Grampas. Even has a pinball game on the back! Seriously!

*Exhibit B:

We have an older model Dodge Caravan sans any cupholders where the sliding doors are. So we just use our handy dandy cup holders.

Additionally, when we travel, it is inevitable that one of the kids has to use the bathroom and if it’s not my son (we just pull over anywhere for him – with boys you can do that, you know), then we have to stop and find one. As a young girl, I was taught the practical way to do it was to “hover”. My girls are not quite as adroit as I was at practicing the craft, so I bring along those little portable toilet seat covers. I buy them at the Mart that Sam built for about 98 cents…works for us.

So head on over to Shannon’s for more WFMW Car Tips!
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The Big "Mo"

Momentum…or as I like to affectionately call it — The Big “Mo”.

Simply stated…momentum is strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events. (thank you Noah Webster) It is crucial to have momentum if you are going to GO anywhere. Have you ever run out of gas and tried to push your car? Hard at first, but once you get it moving, it’s easier to keep pushing. Momentum at its finest.

So why am I on this whole momentum kick? Well, I guess it’s because I lost mine somewhere along the way and I’m trying to get it back. Losing weight, staying focused on our business, homeschooling…I get a great start and somewhere about two thirds of the way through, I start to peter out. Letting “little” things go…which pile up on me and turn into huge stumbling blocks that won’t even let me get out of the gate.

Someone once said that “Intentions mean nothing – either you DO or you DON’T — you don’t ALMOST and you don’t TRY — you simply DO or you DO NOT DO. To put it into perspective – have you ever been pregnant or known someone who was? You talk about it and anticipate it, but eventually you need to Give Birth. SHOW ME THE BABY. There is no “almost” having a baby…there is no “trying” – you do or you don’t. Period. End of discussion.

So what is a girl who has lost her momentum to do? Well, the way I see it, I have two choices – I can either QUIT (which is what ALL losers do – and I am NOT a loser) or I can RECOMMIT. The Bible clearly states that we should be “doers of the word and not hearers only”. So here ya go — I am recommitting for all of bloggy land to see and hold me accountable.

This month, I WILL NOT allow potential distractions or obstacles cause me to take my eyes or my heart off of my goals. The importance of my goals will be evident in my commitment, my pursuit, and my passion toward them. I never want to be someone who can’t achieve my goals because I have either a lack of commitment or a lack of character. My kids need to see their mom finish this race running harder than when I started, chest pressed toward the mark, reaching for the prize that is within my grasp. After all, that is what successful people do. They race all out and WIN.

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Ode to a Dyson

Your cyclone technology
and clean exhaust air
will easily suck up
all my pet’s hair.

You are slim and lightweight
a mere fifteen pounds
and with your effortless steering
I’ll make the rounds.

That 5 year warranty
looks pretty good
Because my last vacuum
Is now just dead wood.

I must win this contest
at 5 minutes for Mom
to bolster my home’s image
and have much aplomb.

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