Month: April 2007

I’m having serious issues with Blogger. I can’t post titles and apparently, there is no customer service or help desk. I’m supposed to spend 40 days and 40 nights reading through hundreds of pages of chat on the community help boards. My issue isn’t even listed anywhere that I can see.

Oh, there is a blog that updates on “known issues”, but I guess I’m a customer service and help desk snob. Although is it really considered “customer service” if it’s a free product you are using? There is no help desk, no customer service, just page upon page of endless drivel about the “proper way to do things around here”. Sigh.

I’m going back into the community help boards…y’all wish me luck.

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And a Wonderful Day was Had by All


I am not a fan of Easter Egg Hunts. I feel they detract from the true meaning of Easter and the Passover. Our church hosts a HUGE annual egg hunt for many of the local children as an outreach. We bus kids in and “gospelise” them before the egg hunt – and yesterday was no exception. From Sunday School to Jr. Church, those kids got a good dose of the Gospel and the Truth regarding Easter and the Passover was clearly explained.

My youngest daughter in the photo above is too young for Jr. church (she is Nursery age) but has been allowed to attend the Little Jr. Church since she’s potty trained. I got to listen in yesterday for a bit and was SO thankful to hear them explaining even to the littlest ones what Easter and the Passover really is about.

But when the time came for the Egg Hunt, my daughter, who is ever so inquisitive, just stood there in wonder while all the other kids ran around her scooping up eggs. She surveyed the chaos around her with a troubled face and turned to me as if to ask, “what is going ON with all these kids?” When I told her to “Find the eggs!” she immediately understood and set about grabbing up every egg she could find.

I wonder if that’s how we appear to our Heavenly Father when unexpected blessings flow. Do we just stand there in amazement watching our cup run over? Or do we sieze the moment and get all the eggs we can?

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Calvary Answers for Me

Satan just cowers
to think of the power
he lost when the cross had its day
Gone are the mornings
when fear without warning
would win and again have its way
Now, when Satan reminds me
of things I regret
I bring up Calvary
lest he forgets

High on the mountain
of sorrow and shame
grace signed my pardon
as Christ took the blame
when I’m called to answer
for my history
Calvary answers for me

I am now under
the beautiful wonder
of grace that erased all my past
I feel the heartbeat
of mercy inside me
and now I have found joy at last
I live in freedom
that chains cannot bind
and I won’t look back
at what I’ve left behind

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Somewhere I’m sure there’s a sock gremlin laughing at me

If you have kids, you know all too well that you’re going to have laundry…and I don’t know about you, but I have such an intense dislike for laundry that I put it off until I have three or four loads to wash, dry, fold, and put away. Which, by the way is about every two days in our household. (cue violins now, please)

I usually end up with a basket of leftover socks that need to be matched up and I willingly pay my kids a nickel a pair to do it just to save me the headache. I think I’ve paid out about $142.35 this year alone. I calculated yesterday that if I keep it up for the next 16 years, I’m going to have to take a second mortgage to pay for all the sock-matching going on. This is in addition to the fact that we also have the finest collection of sock puppets in the entire western hemisphere from all the socks unable to be matched. My kids will have no problem buying their first car if they start saving now. Of course, I’ll be walking because, honestly? Between buying new socks to replace the mismatched ones and the paying them to match the ones left — I won’t be able to afford the gas for my own car. But I digress…

I recently noticed that my son has taken to hiding his socks when he takes them off. Not in his shoes (that would be too easy for the sock gremlin to find!), but under the couch cushions, behind the bookshelf, under his pillow, in his train table…you get the picture. Seems where ever I look these days, I am finding socks he has stashed away for future use. (This way, they are at his disposal, you see). Most people would probably tend to think he has some sort of anxiety disorder about lost socks…but me? I just think he knows that somewhere there’s a sock gremlin laughing at me whilst sitting on a comfy, cozy pile of our family’s socks.

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This is the Post That Has No Title

You know you have serious issues with blogging when you submit your name to be on someone else’s blogroll. Someone besides your mom and best friend, that is.

Mel over at Actual Unretouched Photo asked her readers to leave a comment and nominate themselves for her “Blogs in Focus” blogroll. So I did and now I sit here asking myself “what in the world was I thinking?”

I’m going to have to heed good old Ben Franklin’s advice of “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Because, honestly? I just don’t have it today. I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Self, you have GOT to get it together and come up with some topics worthy of reading.”

I don’t know how long I’ll be in focus or how much traffic I’ll get (she’s an incredible writer, so I know she has a large following) once folks see how mundane my blog really is….but I’m going to do my best to write something worth reading over the course of the next few weeks.

Tomorrow, I’ll have something better, honestly I will. Y’all come back now, ya hear?
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