Month: April 2007


I am so happy I have two girls. If it weren’t for them, I couldn’t enter contests to win cute things like this from Madison’s Room, courtesy of 5 Minutes for Mom (at least that’s how I discovered Madison’s Room). Also, if you have girls and you are interested, Cynthia from Madison’s Room is offering a 15% discount for all 5 Minutes for Mom Readers. Click on the link to sign up and find out the code.

But that’s not the only reason I love having daughters. I love that there are two other people in this household of five that have some understanding of what it’s like to be a “girl”.

I love that a cute pair of socks makes a yucky day all better. I love that they have embraced their inherited love of chocolate. I love that they feel the need to brush and style their hair five or six times an hour a day. I love that they change their clothes as often as they change their minds. I love that they are tomboys. I love that they can also look like little ladies when the occasion calls for it. I love that they like to have their faces and tummies tickled every night at bedtime. I love that they love to sing sweet songs they make up about our family. I love that they think their daddy hung the moon. I love it that they both take such good care of their brother.

But most of all, I love that I am their mama.

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I just want you all to know that it is incredibly difficult to come up with a one-word title for this entry. I am limited to one word, you see, because the folks at Blogger still have not resolved my issue of Hindi and block script in the title. I felt a much better title would have been, “Would Sheryl Crow approve?”

Without further ado, I give you the 2006 winners for the “Toilet Paper Wedding Dress” contest:

And my thanks to Kim for sending this to me….it was

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Sometimes I walk by the donuts in the Wal-Mart bakery and just take in the deepest ol’ breath-o-donuty-goodness I possibly can before swiftly making my exit towards the bread aisle. I have always had a love-hate relationship with donuts. How could something so small and delightful be so bad for you? I mean, how could something with a HOLE in the middle be FULL of fat and sugar?!?! I love the taste, the smell, the fluffy goodness…but I hate my butt after I’ve eaten oh…about 200 of them. (I might as well just glue them on my butt and thighs, because, let’s face it…everyone knows I’ve been eating donuts when I’m done. I can’t stop at one.

Then I found these:

Holey Donuts are quite possibly an answer to my prayers. This is not a joke, people. I’m serious. I’m ordering a dozen today. And I’m not telling my kids about these. They are all mine. Bwuahahahahaha…

I know you’re wondering what this has to do with WFMW over at Shannons? Well…nothing really, unless you count the fact that I’m supposed to be dieting…so this really works for me!!!

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“I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.” Sheryl Crow

I am most certainly for doing all I can do to help with the whole “global warming” issue we are facing, but let us consider Miss Crow’s proposal, as to how it would pertain to our little family, for just a moment.

Firstly, how is this going to be enforced? Is Wal-Mart going to limit the number of rolls based on number of individuals in my family? Will I have to install pay-per-use dispensers in each bathroom of my house to deter TP theft? Will the TP police come knocking if I am in violation of the new “1-Square” rule? If I’m going to have a TP dispenser, give me this one, please. At least you get more than one square.

Secondly, if my kids decrease the amount of TP used to just 1 square? The possible consequences from that one action are simply frightening to me. Sure, we’ll save a few bucks a month (not to mention 1/8 of a tree a year), but I shudder to think how much MORE hot water we’ll be using (thereby increasing both our electric AND water bills). We’ll go through more cotton underwear (because sometimes not even a whole roll seems to be enough with my kids!), wash our hands a whole lot longer, and wash our clothes more often. How is this beneficial to the environment? Huh?

Lastly…think of the social implications. Can you imagine? You’re out to dinner with friends…”Honey? Do you smell something? What’s that smell? Is it me? Does anyone else smell that???” Okay, okay, you get the idea…but this stuff seriously ran through my head when I read Crow’s idiotic statement about 1 square of TP per visit to the restroom.

Now she says it was all a joke. Yeah right. Don’t believe that for one second. I think that she got enough flak from her ridiculous idea that she decided to play it off as a joke. Which is fine by me…because honestly? I believe that idea should have been flushed down the toilet a long time ago.

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Conversation with my 2 year old who snuck into slept in my bed with me upon awaking to hear daddy singing hymns a little too loudly with gusto in the shower:

Abs: “Mama, why is daddy yelling?”

Me: “Honey, he’s not yelling, he’s singing”

Abs: “Why?”

Me: “‘Cause he has a song in his heart, sweetie.”

Abs: “Why?”

Me: “‘Cause God put it there.”

Abs: “Why?”

Me: “Because daddy is His child and He loves him, so God gave daddy a new song to sing.”

Abs: “I have a song in my heart.”

Me: “You do?”

Abs, nodding the affirmative:”Uh-huhn. Oh….ya better watch out, ya better not cry…ya better not pout…I’m tellin’ you why…”

Sigh…well, technically, it IS a song…

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