Words fail me on this particular day.
I am struck by the fact that you are now ten…moving oh so rapidly towards womanhood. Where did the time go? It feels as though only minutes have passed since you were born. I can still smell your sweet, soft newborn skin, feel your fluffy hair ticking my chin…hear your soft coos and the happy gurgling noises you made when you were nursing at my breast.
Happy toddler, you were — and most inquisitive. Some might even go so far as to say mischevious…you were especially enamored with my Always Maxi pads. I promise you I will never send in that video of you with a pad stuck wrong side UP to your n*ked self to AFV…your secret’s safe with me. But I can’t promise I’ll never show it to your future husband…it’s just too good NOT to share. Maybe I’ll wait until you have kids yourself…then you’ll understand why it’s so funny to me.
My little AWANA girl…learning those Bible verses and earning your badges. Made a mama’s heart swell to know you were learning God’s Word and hiding it in your heart. Somewhere along in there, you decided you not only needed His Word in your heart, but you also needed His Son. Leading you to the Lord in our living room was your Daddy…you didn’t see me, but I was watching…with tears in my eyes and a song in my heart.
And today at 10, you are a blessing to this mama. Eager to help with anything that needs to be done, you have a true servant’s heart. Tender towards God’s word…you are such a fitting role model of what a young Christian lady should be. From your choice of modest dress, your music, to the friends you choose – you are making far better decisions that I could have ever made when I was your age. Wise beyond your years, but innocent as a rose, you are blooming right before my eyes.
I am blessed to know and love you, Katie.

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  1. Welcome to the Zoo!
    March 4, 2007 at 10:29 pm (16 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Katie!!

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