Month: January 2007

You Found me!

UPDATE: I’m moving slower than anticipated…don’t give up on me. I’m going to get this done, I promise!!!

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Take Some Time for These Things…

1. Take time to dream — it hitches your soul to the stars.

2. Take time to work – it is the price of success.

3. Take time to think – it is the source of power.

4. Take time to play – it is the secret of youth.

5. Take time to read – it is the foundation of knowledge.

6. Take time to worship – it is the highway of reverence and washes the dust of earth from your

7. Take time to help and enjoy friends – it is the source of happiness.

8. Take time to love – it is the one sacrament of life.

9. Take time to laugh – it helps with life’s loads.

10. Take time for beauty – it is everywhere in nature.

11. Take time for health – it is the true treasure of life.

12. Take time to plan – it is the secret of being able to have time to take time for the first eleven things.

Testing 1…2…3…

I have an intense dislike for tests. I don’t panic over them…except when they cost $562 and I’m not the one taking them.

Floy is taking his Series 63 exam in Shreveport right now as we speak…his Series 6 is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. I am a nervous wreck. I barely slept all night because everytime I woke up, I was thinking about it and had to pray. Then, when I woke up this morning, I got his breakfast ready, made the coffee, etc. and prayed some more.

He has studied so hard for this for the last month…but these tests are biggies in our business. They mean the diffence between a 70% contract and a 130% contract in the long run. You can’t be an RVP without passing them. I know he’s studied and done his part…I just pray that the Lord will bless his efforts. I pray that his efforts were enough. Most people that take these tests study for at least 6 months or more…so I really pray that he studied enough.

We shall soon see. If you feel like it, it really wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you said a prayer for Floy right now!

UPDATE: He passed his Series 6! Yea!!! Missed passing his Series 63 by two questions…but we’ve already scheduled him for a retest on February 6th!

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