My mom used to tell me that…I never understood why she was saying it. I didn’t even have self-image issues as a child that I know of. I was happy, oblivious to the fashion world, didn’t watch much television, and went to a country school where everyone else was as poor as we were. I guess she knew I’d need it someday. She knew things would change. She knew when I got out into the “real world” people would expect me to be something more than what I really was. Men, in particular. She knew that boys who were raised to only appreciate what was on the outside would never truly love me for who I was and still am on the inside- a bright, funny, thoughtful, caring, sexy, loving, and creative woman.

Did I mention you don’t see that when you look at me? Well, if you look closely, you might see a little sparkle in my eyes…but over the last year, I’ve had my own evolution of beauty. I’ve gone back to the beginning where my mom first tried to instill in me that I’m beautiful – no matter what others may think of me.

There will always be someone prettier, someone skinner, someone with larger breasts, a smaller waist, smaller feet, prettier hands, etc. etc. etc. But I can be the best version of me – there will never be someone that is a better Karen than me. That’s what I want my two girls to know – they are originals and God made them, so they are beautiful, no matter what the world may think.

I said all of that because Friday, I saw the newest ad for Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty.

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