Sometimes I wonder if there are any other moms out there who face the same challenges I do.

Today, I have accomplished very little yet have been constantly “busy”. What is up with that? BUSY is an acronym for “Being Under Satan’s Yoke” – and boy, do I ever feel as if I am under that yoke when I don’t get anything done all day.

A run down of my day today….got up around 7:30 – I didn’t feel well, so I basically didn’t move until around 8:30 – after two cups of coffee and some tylenol had time to take effect. I sorted clothes out into three piles to wash, but before I could start them, Abby woke up and needed some milk. Then, as I was about to go back to the clothes, Katie decided to start her schoolwork and needed some supervision to start. AJ chimed in and was ready to eat, then Floy (who had the day off) needed something…you get the picture. Here I sit at 3:46 pm and although the dishes have been done, the laundry still sits in three piles in my dirty bathroom, the floors are still needing to be swept and mopped, the carpet still needs to be vacuumed, and I am STILL NOT EVEN DRESSED!!! I am braless in a tank top and sweats with greasy hair and no makeup…sigh. lol Please tell me that some of you other moms have had days like this!!!

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