So as you all know, I’m the perpetual procrastinator. Say THAT three times really fast.
You would almost think that I came up with the old motto “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” Yes, I’m that bad. If it’s a project I have no interest in, or it’s cleaning…I put it off until I’m going completely nuts living in or around it.

Saturday, I was being lazy and just surfing the net…couldn’t leave my little corner of the world or I might see the chaos of the rest of the house. Never mind the kids had made a half-hearted attempt at cleaning (which really just meant, “here…let me smear that grape jelly so far into the fibers of the carpet you’ll NEVER get it out!”) or that my husband was getting off work at 11 p.m….I simply was not motivated.

Until I went to a function at our church. We were in the midst of a missions conference this weekend and it ran from Friday-Sunday night. Very cool getting to meet missionaries from all over — we had five families in and each was from a different country – Africa, Madagascar, Ireland, England, and Nehru. We even invited one of them to come over to our house on Sunday after the am service.

Which brings me back to my original subject….I cleaned my house after church Saturday night. The kids and I dragged in around 9 pm and after I got AJ and Abby bathed…Katie and I kicked some housecleaning bootay and got it done before dad got home at 11:15. Except for the folding of the laundry…which can just be thrown on our bed and the door closed. That’s what I’m doing today….folding laundry, my LEAST favorite household chore.

Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when you have the prospect of someone else possibly seeing how you live? Yeah…you don’t like it…you even hate for your husband to see it that way…but you and the kids…you could live in it like that for a bit….but you’d NEVER want anyone else to see the pigsty-i-ness of it all.

I think I need the pressure of company to really and thoroughly clean your home properly….either that, or your computer needs to go on the kaputz.

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