I received this message in my inbox last night after posting my blog:

Which GI’s ?

Hey Karen: Thought this would make for a better private conversation than as commentary on your blog. Which GI’s? The ones (like my Grandfather) who fought in WW2 or the current GI’s in Iraq… they’re dying for the freedom of Iraq’s citizens not mine. Honestly, I’d prefer they weren’t dying. I am proud of the commitment members of our volunteeer army have made to this country… I’m sad to see what they have been lead to do.
-Name withheld to protect the naive

My first response was to prepare a point by point refutation – but I found that I had written several pages worth – -so instead, I’ll just address the actual situation.

There was nothing at all in my blog pertaining to the validity of one GI’s battle over anothers. Instead, it was praising Christ for His sacrifice for ALL mankind and the sacrifice of ALL Americans that have given their lives or put their lives on the line for their country.

This was not meant to be a springboard for attacking anyone’s value system. I’m not looking to provide a platform for somebody to attack Americans where they had none before.

Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for commenting. Next time you have something to say, don’t worry about saying it in private – I’m a big girl and can defend my beliefs. There is no need to sugarcoat anything on my behalf.

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