You are not going to BELIEVE this.
Yesterday, my husband came home and his pickup was overheating…will NOT hold water or anitfreeze…he hasn’t had time to check it out yet, so he cannot drive it. SO…..he took my car (the only vehicle our entire family of 5 can all ride together in) to an appointment tonight and just called me to tell me…
“I’m okay…but the car isn’t. I was in the middle of a pile-up. Somebody slammed me really hard from behind and pushed me about 20 feet into another car.”

First, thank GOD he’s okay. Second…how are we going to get to New Orleans tomorrow? We’re supposed to leave at 10 a.m. Third…I JUST shelled out over a hundred dollars and filled up the gas tank, had the oil and fuel filter changed, washed it and vacuumed it out and Fourth…Satan just does NOT want us going on this trip!

But…we are GOING on this trip because it is going to change the entire course of our family’s tree…no more being broke. No more having a broken attitude. We are going to OVERCOME this crap, okay???

Thanks for letting me vent. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
UPDATE: My husband is indeed okay…We will be using my mom’s mini van to drive to New Orleans tomorrow…so we’ll be good to go.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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