In Hebrews 13:5, it says “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee”
How true those words are. I can testify to that fact now. A few days ago, I was a ball of stress…wound tighter than any rubber band ball ever thought about being.

Floy’s old zone manager told him to go to the HR dept and make his case with her. So he did…he explained that he did not want to be a no-call, no-show, since that was just plain unethical. He had already arranged for trades on two days…but couldn’t find anyone on the Saturday, so she suggested that he just work the trades, and call in on the Saturday. She said worst case scenario, it would be a write-up. They could not fire him without three of them, and he’s never had one, so there ya go.

So…there ya have it. Praise the Lord! I am so excited…we are leaving for New Orleans on Thursday morning and will be back Saturday late….late…late…maybe even Sunday 2-3 am-ish depending on when we leave New Orleans. I’ve been told it’s about a 6-hour drive..but that’s from people who drive like an aviating rodent out of Hades. We’ll most likely go the speed limit and it will take us the regular 7 hours or so.

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