Okay, so I could ignore Kelli Crowe’s tag (because how is she going to PROVE I read her blog religiously every day???), but when Rachel posts HER tag in answer to KELLI’s tag and then she has the gumption to tag me at the end?!?!?! Well, I can’t exactly ignore that now, can I???
1. How old are you? 37 2. How many kids do you have if any? 2 girls, 1 boy , and 1 husband
3. Are you married, single, divorced, widow? Oh so happily married
4. What is your occupation? Mom=doctor, therapist, counselor, coach, teacher
5. What are your passions? My Lord Jesus Christ, my husband, my kids, my church…in that order.
6. Are you a dreamer or a dream seeker? Dream Seeker…I was saying Just do it waaay before Nike was!
7. Are you happy with the way you life has turned out? Never in a million years did I think my life was going to be this good – it’s much, much better than I ever expected or even dared to hope for.
8. Are you a scrapper and if so how many hours a week do you scrap? If I say no, it’s a lie…’cause I do love scrapping, but I haven’t spent much time on it in the last 3 years…the photos are PILING up!
9. What do you want to do before you die? live (this is totally kelli’s answer, but it’s the best one I’ve ever seen, so I’m leaving it.)(ditto, Rachel)
10. What is your favorite food? Anything from La Carretta’s (Mexican, for sure, dude.)
11. What is the food you hate the most? Pickled beets…went on a diet where I ate a cup every meal…swore I’d never eat another one as long as I live.
12. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? I was 14 and in Hawaii…stuffed my bikini top with toilet tissue to help “fill it out”…well, I forgot about it and needless to say when I came out of the water….
13. What is the happiest day of your life thus far? The day I met Jesus and all my sins were forgiven…no joke, I worried about that a LOT!
14. Are you a neat freak? Or a dirty house cleaner? How anyone can be a neat freak and have normal well-adjusted kids is beyond me…I LOVE LOVE LOVE things to be neat, but I’ve realized over the last 9 years that if it’s just CLEAN under all the crappe, we’re good to go.
Okay…that’s done.
I tag SUZY!

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