Month: July 2006

Does that Make Me Crazy?

Typically, I get up around 4:30 with my husband to get his clothes ironed, breakfast and lunch made and send him off to work. What a loving, sweet wife, you say. Not really, I have my issues with it.
Now, this is an insanely unhuman time of the day to get up. Think about it…I mean, the sun’s not even up yet. If the sun’s not even awake, why should I be? My body was not made to get up this early. I practically have to pour a pot of coffee down my throat just to wake up and that can’t be good for my body. All that caffeine? And it doesn’t even make me hyper anymore. I used to get the shakes in the morning from the surge of caffeine I was taking in, but not any longer. It’s like my body has developed the “tolerance” that addicts always talk about. Scary!
At any rate…I have to set my alarm. I wonder how many people could possibly get up this early without one. I think my dad did…but he’s like…the only one I’ve ever known who could do it in my WHOLE life. I’m 37. I don’t think that the rooster is up that early…he’s crowing at something more like 5:30….
I don’t know about you, but I put my alarm at the foot of my bed on a dresser so I have to actually get out of bed to snooze. Something about getting out of the bed and trudging about 7 feet to hit the snooze just seems to help me wake up. For one, I’m lazy…I don’t want to keep getting up out of the bed every 9 minutes to hit snooze…it’s a pain in the patootie. I figure I might as well get up, because Lord knows I’m not going to get “quality sleep” in those 9 minutes. I mean, come on…what do you really do in those 9 minutes? You close your eyes and repeat over and over in your head…”I only have 9 more minutes and I have to get up…”
I also put the radio on the most obnoxious music station I can find. You know, one of those with the “Wake-Up Crew”? Now, most of the wake up crew is still asleep at 4:30 am, but they still play the obnoxious music, which is really motivation for me to get up and get it turned off before the song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I don’t listen to anything worldly in my awake life, only gospel or Christian music…so the rock station is REALLY incentive to get up and turn off the alarm.
This morning, there was someone singing something about “Does that make me crazy…” I guess so….if you’re up at 4:30….

Ooh…and he’s single too!

This is my husband’s best friend, David. He’s 33, physically fit, mentally sharp, and funnier than almost anyone I know, and he has the most incredible singing voice. Oh, and he really needs a wife. No, there’s nothing wrong with him. He just hasn’t found the “right one”. He’s looking….oh he’s looking, for sure.

Did I mention he really wants a wife?

The good thing is that he knows that.

The bad thing is he’s got a list!

He’s been single long enough to have developed quite a list of qualities that he would like in a wife. (Fortunately, he’s been around me a little too long, so some of those have come back down to reality!) They are scriptural as far as I know….but of course, he might not be telling me everything. I did say he’s my husband’s best friend, not mine!

He wants to get married and have kids….he’d like to find someone who wants the same. Unfortunately, it seems that most women his age are either too career minded or too messed up. My husband and I have been praying for him for the last 5 years…we thought last year that he had met “the one”…it didn’t work out for whatever reason. Maybe he’s been single too long.

Maybe he’ll never get married. I don’t know.

My hubby insists that I cannot post an ad for him, so be forewarned that’s not what I’m doing here….just venting my frustration that someone as wonderful as him is not married yet. Well…maybe someday soon, if it’s the Lord’s will, he’ll find his girl and sweep her off her feet like my husband swept me off mine.

You can always hope, anyway….

Baby to English Dictionary

For those who want to know, Abby, our youngest child at 20 months, has quite the vocabulary now. You just have to really, really pay close attention and listen to the fine nuances in her voice, as some of the words are the same, but the lilt in her voice changes the meaning.

“dada” =Daddy
“mama” =Mama
“kanie” =Katie
“ay-ay” =AJ
“babby” =Abby
“luluuuu” =grandma on dad’s side
“teeeegeeeee” =her dog
“gama” =grandma on mom’s side
“eye” =usually said as she’s trying to poke yours out
“chee” =cheek
“mouw” =mouth
“eahow” =ear
“teef” =teeth (usually said when she wants them brushed, which is about 10 times a day!) “degle”=tickle me
“baaaaaaa!” =gimme a bath now and nobody gets hurt
“dea” =tea or any other liquid that might refresh
“mook” =milk
“copple” =popsicle
“bunner” =peanut butter
“chip” = any little round object that is salty
“kacker” =cracker
“poom” =spoon
“baby” =any stuffed animal, preferably a duck (she’s partial to little yellow duckies)
“bahyo” =pillow or could sometimes mean blanket
“gagi” =ice cream
“pipah” =diaper (change it now, please)
“peas” =please
“kankum” =thank you
“bubBooL” =bubble
“Bible” = any book
“yeddow” =any color she finds pretty or interesting
“cap” =any thing you put on her head
“clap, clap, clap!” =I want to watch Miss Patty Cakes
“go!” =get me out of here now! take me anywhere that you’re going!
“hew kit, kit” =calling the newborn kittens
“dawg” =dog
“tuck! tuck!” I can’t get something out = it’s stuck/or she hurt herself in some way
“bye-bye” =I’m leaving/glad to see you go
“crap” =said when I drop something (um…trying to break her of this one, I’m afraid I say it, so she has taken to thinking that’s what you say when you make a mess, drop something, etc.) “come!” =said with outstretched hand, usually wants you to get something from the fridge for her or to go the the living room and rock her.
“chew chew”=train

These are just a few of the words you might need this dictionary for when you come to visit us or if you are so brave as to talk to her on the phone. She loves the telephone, but like most kids, her interaction and conversation is silent. She does the typical nodding of the head and smiles and grins when she hears something she likes. She’s really quite the character these days.

Something to be thankful for…

Someone once said, “Freedom is not free.” Have you ever thought about that?
God Bless the USA
I’m so thankful to have been born in America where I have to freedom to worship the One True God who created the Heavens and the Earth- and not some dead guy with a fat belly or worse yet, the god of this world.
I’m thankful for the men and women who forged the way by making a long trip across the sea to face the unknown for their right to own land, and have social and religious freedoms.
I’m thankful for the flag, the symbol of our freedom. It’s a daily reminder of those who have died and shed their blood for our right to choose where we live, where we shop, where our kids go to school, and where we go to church. It’s also a reminder of those who are serving today, who will die doing all those same things.
I’m thankful for the men and women who make daily sacrifices to protect our everyday freedoms by committing to serve in the Armed Forces. I pray that God keeps a hedge of protection about them and that they might return to their families safe and sound.
I’m thankful for my family, (both far and near), the friends I have made in this life, and mostly, I am thankful that I am born again and that I serve a risen Saviour. The cross is my Statue of Liberty for it was there that my soul was set free.

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