This is my husband’s best friend, David. He’s 33, physically fit, mentally sharp, and funnier than almost anyone I know, and he has the most incredible singing voice. Oh, and he really needs a wife. No, there’s nothing wrong with him. He just hasn’t found the “right one”. He’s looking….oh he’s looking, for sure.

Did I mention he really wants a wife?

The good thing is that he knows that.

The bad thing is he’s got a list!

He’s been single long enough to have developed quite a list of qualities that he would like in a wife. (Fortunately, he’s been around me a little too long, so some of those have come back down to reality!) They are scriptural as far as I know….but of course, he might not be telling me everything. I did say he’s my husband’s best friend, not mine!

He wants to get married and have kids….he’d like to find someone who wants the same. Unfortunately, it seems that most women his age are either too career minded or too messed up. My husband and I have been praying for him for the last 5 years…we thought last year that he had met “the one”…it didn’t work out for whatever reason. Maybe he’s been single too long.

Maybe he’ll never get married. I don’t know.

My hubby insists that I cannot post an ad for him, so be forewarned that’s not what I’m doing here….just venting my frustration that someone as wonderful as him is not married yet. Well…maybe someday soon, if it’s the Lord’s will, he’ll find his girl and sweep her off her feet like my husband swept me off mine.

You can always hope, anyway….

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