Well, the day has come. The one thing I said I’d never do again. I’m having a garage sale tomorrow.
Is there anything worse than having a garage sale?
I don’t think so. Really, I don’t. Just the THOUGHT of haggling over stuff I have bought and KNOW the value of makes me cringe. I’m the type that will usually put a price on the item thats what I think is “really fair” and it just irks the crud out of me when someone wants to talk me down. Okay, the store price tag says $40, I have a sticker that says $5 and you want it for $3? Get out of here! I don’t need your money! :o) Okay…I’m not quite that bad, but I really, really, really hate it.
On the other hand, we really, really, really could use the money! (hence the sole reason of having a garage sale…you want to DO something that requires money you DON’T have)
So, off I go to set up for those early Friday morning risers (the paper says 8am, but I’m not stupid – those crazies start showing up as soon as they see you pulling stuff outside!). Wish me luck!
Happiest of Thursdays to you, mates!

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