Katie has been sharing some of the things that happened at church camp last week…it’s interesting what a 9 year old finds interesting.
First off, she didn’t find “true love”. Her friend LeAnn apparently has, however. Katie went with two of her girlfriends and they have the typical “threesome” issues…one always seems to be left out. It’s usually Katie, because she isn’t as old as Trisha and LeAnn. They’re 11, she’s 9. LeAnn found a boy that she liked and Katie says they were practically “attached at the hips”…she was disgusted. (thankfully) I asked her if there were any boys that she had liked and she said “no!” with a scowl on her face. THEN I asked her if there were any boys that like her, she said, “Well..there was this ONE…” (uh-oh mom alert)”but he was goofy-looking!” (can mom say PHEW!?!) It seems he had long blond hair and had to keep hiking his shorts up – either he was really skinny or he was en vogue, I don’t know which. But she DID seem to know an awful lot about him not to have liked him….(hmmm, a mom says).
Secondly, she is a superb swimmer. She won first place in swimming and holding her breath. She is like a fish when she gets in the water – I have no idea how or why, since we don’t swim all that much. I used to love swimming as a kid – in the days before everyone had a pool at their home and you had to pay to go to the public swimming pool. I think it cost us 75 cents each. But she has a couple of friends who have pools and whenever she visits them, she swims. Our ladies ministry at church recently had a swim party and she was the HIT. OF. THE. PARTY. I’m thinking maybe I need to get her involved with a swimming team or at least let her take swimming lessons….I dunno. Any ideas?
And finally, she says she had a great time…I’m sure I’ll hear more over the next few days. I did mention that she comes back with some really strange behavior. Last year, it was something to do with a handclap. This year, she has learned to trill her tongue against her top lip and make the LOUDEST sound I’ve ever heard from a 9 year old’s mouth. And she wants to do it at the most inconvenient times, too. Like in the car (can we say excellent acoustics?) or at the kid’s naptimes? Some things never change…..

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